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Federal Courthouse Security Systems

The Department of Homeland Security and Federal Bureau of Investigation assesses that given the current evolving and diversifying Homeland threat environment, recent incidents involving small arms operations here in the United States demonstrate the need for continued vigilance and situational awareness. As well as additional steps towards federal courthouse security systems and surveillance.

Small arms operations could be employed against public soft target facilities by a lone shooter or a small-unit assault operation. The scale and complexity of any such type attack and emergency are dependent on a variety of factors, to include the sophistication and training of the attackers, the parameters of their targets and the local federal courthouse security systems already in place.

Ballistic resistant automated security entry systems with weapons detection capabilities have proven to be more objective and effective in preventing armed assaults against employees and citizens in public buildings. Isotec Safety Entrances® provide a scalable means to detect and prevent lone shooters or small unit teams from gaining access to protected facilities, and keeping security personnel safe. Our federal courthouse security systems are top of the line and ensure maximum safety.

The primary purpose of a weapons detection mantrap is to stop a perpetrator(s) from carrying a weapon into a facility. The weapons detection and interlocking door technologies combine as one to thwart lone shooter or small-unit armed assaults. The automation of the system also protects security personnel and law enforcement by not exposing them to these ambush type attacks.

Isotec’s security entry systems also prevent unauthorized access via the exit lane with our Exit Lane Breach Control technologies (ELBC). Along with UL 752 ballistic protection, the ELBC feature is also a standard functionality for Isotec’s Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology.

Security Entry Systems

Based on a 40-hour workweek the return on investment pays for itself in less than 2 years. Even when accounting for parts & maintenance; the ROI is more than 800% over a 10-year period compared to the escalating personnel cost. Personnel cost was adjusted for 2% annual wage & benefits inflation. Isotec’s mantrap security doors have a useful 15-year operating life with preventive quarterly maintenance. Many of our access control vestibules have an operating history of more than 20 years protecting our nation’s strategic facilities, courthouses, and assets.

Isotec Safety Entrances® are designated as Qualified Anti-terrorism Technologies by the Department of Homeland Security. For only $3.41 per hour, you can protect and increase your safety with our federal courthouse security systems today!

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