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Isotec’s Safety Entrances & Custom Security Doors

Isotec’s Safety Entrances® are one of the safest ways to provide weapons prevention and access control for your facility’s entrances; protecting the lives of your people, and those they serve. Isotec’s customized structural designs and configurable operating scenarios feature isolation technologies that enable our Safety Entrances® to detect, and prevent guns from entering your facility.

Our Access Control entrances are a perfect fit for entrances that require credentials or have special other special requirements for their entrances and exits. Our security doors are heavily customizable, meaning that our Access Control entrances can use biometric devices, card readers and PIN verification to verify identities. Our Access Control entrances and exits also enforce anti-piggy backing rules and Exit Lane Breach Control. These securely automated lanes are far superior to the manned exit lanes of the past – as they have programmable built-in measures to ensure that all exits are secure. In turn, making them a great alternative to a posted standing guard.

All Isotec entrances security vestibules employ interlocking door processes and programmable controllers that govern the operation of our entrances. The use of interlocking doors assures our clients that our entrances prevent unauthorized entries or access as opposed to just detecting them. 

Isotec engineers are well versed systems integrators. We have more than 30 years’ experience insuring that our entrances interface seamlessly with legacy security and the requisite hardware, devices or components specified by our clients.


Contact us today to discuss how our customizable security doors can increase your facilities safety, & security for less than $4.00 per hour.


Isotec’s Unique Security Vestibule Features:

Our Safety Entrances® and Access Control entrances can be hard wired to use our Synergy 3 in 1 console or operate with our wireless Synergy Tablets.
The Synergy’s Tablet’s features include but are not limited to: Wireless command & control, intuitive operator touchscreen console or tablet, Windows-based software, instructive voice prompts, two-way audio with up to three intercoms, multiple high resolution IP camera views, desktop or ‘Rugged Rover’ tablet versions, built in or remote diagnostics capability, emails & text messaging capable, configurable software with unlimited updates.

We treat each specific project independently, as almost every security door must be customized to fit an individual, and unique building type. Discussing your needs and objectives are the first steps toward designing a risk-appropriate safety and security solution for your facility. Isotec’s Safety Entrances® are designated by the Department of Homeland Security as Qualified Anti-terrorism Technologies. This means that our Safety Entrances® are used to we protect the most secure facilities on the planet, including federal & municipal buildings, military bases, airports, commercial, and industrial facilities.

Isotec’s Custom Security Doors and Safety Entrances® are available through prime contractors, as well as our security integrator network. Both provide turnkey solutions, and onsite tech support services. Our products are also available for purchase through our GSA Contract #07F-040BA.


We Protect the following:

  • US Strategic Sites
  • Federal Agencies
  • Military Installations
  • Courthouses
  • Municipal Buildings
  • Law Enforcement Facilities
  • Schools
  • Airport Security
  • IT Facilities
  • Banks and Credit Unions

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