Access Control For Stadiums/Venues


Stadiums, venues, and event spaces are notorious for security breaches by unauthorized individuals. Whether it be a casual slip past security or someone with ill intent looking to cause trouble, Isotec access control systems are designed to prevent those without proper authorization from accessing restricted areas within your building.

Protecting your entrances does more than just benefit your building and its occupants by ensuring safety and security. The right solution can also enhance the reputation you have with teams, event organizers, and others who use your venue and rely on paid, authorized entry by amicable, non-aggressive guests.

Don't Leave Your Event Open To Chance

Metal detectors are often the first line of defense for stadiums and event spaces, but the goal isn’t as much about catching would-be perpetrators as it is about deterring them from unlawful activity in the first place. Metal detectors, when part of an enhanced security checkpoint offer peace of mind to all attendees and heavily discourage most criminal activity. It isn’t worth the risk if you know that you’re going to get caught.

Isotec exclusively uses CEIA Door Frame Metal Detectors which are designated as Certified Anti-Terrorism Technologies by the 2002 SAFETY Act. They have a magnetic field with a high level of object discrimination that prevents nearly all false-positive readings, and they don’t just identify metal. They are able to accurately detect specific shapes that may indicate dangerous objects such as weapons to further protect those within your venue.

These robust metal detectors are then combined with interlocking doors that boast 1200 lb. pull force magnetic locks that are triggered simultaneously when a metal detector sends an alarm signal. This completely prevents any unauthorized and potentially dangerous individuals from accessing your venue until annunciators or other security personnel can respond.

Why Choose Isotec for Your Stadium or Venue?

Our fundamental mission is to provide advanced security solutions that protect businesses in the public, private, and government sectors. For over 30 years, Isotec has helped companies implement strategic and tactical advantages to discourage and deter unauthorized access from secure spaces and provide these businesses with the equipment necessary to identify, detect, and isolate potential problems before they become serious security threats. Security breaches can negatively impact your business, and Isotec is here to ensure that your operation and reputation aren’t put at risk. Contact Isotec to discuss specific security solutions for your stadium or venue today.