Dispensaries and Physical Security: How Protecting Your Business Improves your Business

As a growing market, marijuana dispensaries have become a lucrative prospect for developers and consumers. They’ve also become known for their risks. There are very few other retail industries that have the unique security requirements of the marijuana industry. Besides ensuring the legality of their clientele, they must also ensure the safety of their products and their finances.

Physical Security and its Impact on Business

Most dispensaries probably employ traditional security features, like alarm systems, cameras, security guards, and pass through entry. These features can successfully protect a business but they only do part of the job. Most of them have an impact on the preemptive security of the business, but their main usage comes after a breach has occurred. They may not stop a perpetrator before they conduct a crime, they can only help identify them. This is why dispensaries need to start rethinking their physical security.

Active Security Measures and the Marijuana Industry

Commercial security doors and automated security doors provide an active measure for each business, allowing entry to only select people in order to ensure the security of their site.
A commercial security door, with an entrance control system, can ensure that only legal clientele is accessing the site, giving security the means to properly vet each visitor. They can help ensure compliance with local laws, and provide a sense of professionalism and safety which can bring in repeat clientele.
An automated security door can protect both product and revenue, allowing only staff members access to protected areas. This allows product, which is a controlled substance, to be properly monitored, and for financial and business material to be kept safe, which is essential due to the unique circumstances of the marijuana industry. Using a key card, code, or digital signal to control entry to these locations adds an additional layer of security.

Combining Active and Passive Security for a Better Results

Combined with systems like alarms or cameras allows for better control of security during business hours, and proper protection and monitoring during off hours. A security system that covers as much as possible helps protect not only the physical aspects of a business but its reputation and liability as well.

Additionally, it allows the dispensary to simplify their security team. Active measures can remove the need to visible armed guards, helping to create a more relaxed environment. This can dramatically change how the clientele feels about a location, improving customer relations, without losing the safety that was provided. 

Ensuring that these measures not only work but work well together takes experience and an understanding of each companies unique needs and layout. Working with an experienced security developer can make the experience intuitive and productive. 

Isotec can Help

We believe in providing our clients with the best protection for their business to keep you, your team, your products and sensitive information safe. With a security-focused outlook, we understand how important it is to protect a growing industry. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can protect your business.

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