Exit Lane Breach Control

Exit Lane Breach Control

Posting guards at exit points is a waste of money, and an obsolete security practice. Automatically controlling exit lanes at airports and municipal buildings is at the tipping point of proliferation and rapidly obsoleting the expensive practice of manning exit lanes. Isotec’s Automated Exit Lane Breach Control operates 24/7 and is part of the integrated and monitored security technologies deployed at a facility.

Automated exit lanes are superior to manned exit lane security in many ways. They have no given attack or weak point, as built-in redundancies respond immediately when activated or compromised. Standardized security measures are programmed into each system to ensure that all exits will be secured and scrutinized that same way. Unlike a security guard, exit lane security solutions integrate into a building’s overall security vs. standing guard at a disconnected post.

The chart below compares the affordability of capital investment in the access & exit control system vs. manning the same post. With respect to this chart, one can note that a fully automated access control or exit lane breach control can effectively save you millions of dollars over the life of its operation. Annual maintenance and component upgrades are of minimal costs. Isotec’s access control products typically operate for more than 15 years with proper service & maintenance.

Since facility security requirements and dimensions vary, Isotec’s automated exit lane security solutions are site-specific in design and configured to meet a facility’s required scenario of operations. We understand the security requisites and areas to be secured vary from client to client. Our site-specific designs, engineering, and scenarios of operation ensure risk-appropriate safety and security for your facilities.

Exit lane breach control systems are designed tested and approved to be failsafe via emergency overrides and are ADA & ANSI compliant. The facility’s foot traffic requirements determine the design and operation. Installations usually take 2-3 days.

Major airports such as LAX, ORD, SFO & JFK require 24/7 operation. Statistically, it takes 4.2 man hour weeks to man an ELBC area on a 24/7 basis. At $30 per hour, the burdened labor cost per lane comes to $262,000 per year to control an exit. Over a 10 year period, the total will exceed $3,000,000 when accounting for very modest inflation rates. With a capital cost of $150,000, it’s easy to understand how Isotec Security’s access control systems such as ELBC integrated with legacy Command and Control system pays for itself in less than 1 year.

Even at the top of their game, a security guard is simply no match for the multiple layers of scrutiny and security offered by an automated exit lane security solutions; let alone a distracted or fatigued one.