Using armed personnel to stop or deter an armed assault is the premise behind using guns to stop guns. Using guns to stop guns promotes lethal conflicts. What about the general public in the immediate vicinity? What is their defense?

As quoted by the Center of Investigative Reporting, “The presence of an armed guard was the strongest factor whether incidents turned violent.” An analysis of FBI bank crimes data by The Center for Investigative Reporting found guards with guns pose a significant risk in hostile situations. The presence of armed security during bank robberies increased the likelihood of a violent event happening by 3 times.

When guards were armed during a bank crime, injury rates soared for everyone in the bank. Civilian security guards have borne the worst of it: Sixty-four guards were hurt for every 1,000 incidents when armed, compared with less than 1 injury per 1,000 incidents when they were unarmed.

Recognizing the risk involved in arming guards, some of the largest security companies in the U.S. direct their guards to keep their guns holstered at all times. According to documents filed with state regulators, Securitas, G4S and other large security companies at some job sites forbid their guards to clean, inspect or even handle their guns unless they need to shoot someone in self-defense.

Isotec Safety Entrances® stop armed assaults or robberies from even starting; eliminating the need for a guard, let alone an armed one. Our Safety Entrances® provide a safe work place and business environment for all employees and those they serve. Safety Entrances® are more economical and safer than armed or unarmed security personnel.

Businesses & institutions are responsible for providing a safe environment for their employees and patrons. No facility protected by an Isotec Safety Entrance® has ever suffered from an armed assault or armed robbery.

The statistical evidence proves that arming guards to stop armed robberies is dangerous. Protect what matters most by preventing armed threats from entering your building with an Isotec Safety Entrance®.

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