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Another 1st! Isotec’s Synergy Tablet

We’re excited to introduce Isotec’s Synergy Tablet as our flagship operator console. Synergy’s Wireless or Ethernet versions are the new standards for Safety Entrances® and Access Control Entrances. The tablet can be sleek or rugged; with greater functionality and performance than our esteemed 3 in 1 Synergy Console. The Synergy Tablet is another industry first for Isotec; with a multitude of IP features and benefits that include WiFi or Ethernet wired utility, greater intuitive functionality, rich 1080P user interface, video viewing, intercom communication, and wireless mobility packed into one platform. All this and it also reduces installation and operating costs.

What’s not to like?

Synergy Tablet’s Top 10 Features:

  • Wireless or Ethernet
  • No More Routing Interconnect Cables!
  • Minimal or No Counter Space Required
  • Vibrant 1080P Color Touchscreen
  • Clear Two-way Audio
  • Multiple IP Intercom Stations
  • Configurable Windows Based Software
  • Multiple Hi-Res IP Camera Views
  • Built in or Remote Diagnostics Capable
  • Emails & Text Messaging (Optional)


For more information or to learn how Isotec Security Inc. can help you protect your facility, call us today at (720) 545-2816 or contact our Sales Director Matt at

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