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Airport Security and Exit Lane Breach Control

One of the biggest challenges businesses face when it comes to security is preventing access by people accidentally or deliberately going the wrong way through exits. Isotec’s Exit Lane Breach Control (ELBC) eliminates this risk through automated access control.

Depending on the situation, an exit lane breach can create enormous costs and customer frustration. In an airport for example, a breach can lead to the evacuation of a terminal causing significant airport delays and costing the airport hundreds of thousands of dollars (if not more). Passengers may miss flights, airlines may cancel flights, and the airport may not get back to normal for hours all due to someone going the wrong way through an exit lane.

Known Crew Member Entrances
Isotec Security’s automated access control systems and Anti – tailgating technologies provide Known Crew Member Entrances and Exit Lane Breach Control without the need for a guard. This 24/7 fully automated, 100% objective system leaves no chance for the actions of someone (whether an employee letting someone in or a guard losing focus) compromising the security of your facility. Automated and preprogrammed interlocking door entrances increase the level of security at airport exit points while reducing security costs. The system pays for itself in less than a year.

Active Shooter
In addition to exit lane breach control, Isotec Security’s bullet resistant security entrances have proven 100% effective in isolating and denying access to assailants with guns or contraband. This capability reduces the need for personnel at airport screening locations.

Qualified Anti-terrorism Technologies as defined by the 2002 Safety Act have proven invaluable to security forces and personnel charged with Airport Security, Courthouse Security, Department of Energy and Department of Defense.

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