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Protecting Military Facilities – Command and Control to Prevent Terrorism

Isotec Security is the only company in the U.S. solely dedicated to manufacturing interlocking door Safety Entrances® for nearly all of the departments of the US Government. We are the first and only company whose interlocking door Safety Entrances® provide direct government purchases via our GSA Contract (GS-07F-040BA). Isotec Safety Entrances® are designated by the Department of Homeland Security as Qualified Anti-terrorism Technologies.

Isotec Security integrates with bio-metrics at US Air Force strategic sites. Isotec Safety Entrances® meet the rigorous specification designs and performance criteria for DOD sites. Regardless of the military or agency, Isotec protects the most secure facilities on the planet. Our automated interlocking doors and integrated PLCs are designed to interface with legacy security systems.

With our technologies, there is a significant threat reduction to highly trained military personnel and their areas of responsibility. Protecting those that protect our nation is a challenge we have risen to, and proudly accepted.

As a Designated Anti-terrorism Technology, Isotec Security supports the Department of Homeland Security’s initiative to proliferate development and deployment of Qualified Anti-terrorism Technologies, by being solely committed to delivering Anti-terrorism Technologies to US Military Bases, and Department of Energy Facilities protecting undisclosed strategic assets.


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