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Nuclear Facility Security

Nuclear power plants have long been recognized as potential targets for terrorist attacks. Isotec has developed technologies to help make those facilities more secure. Protecting nuclear facilities requires a balance of ingenuity, technological sophistication, with an extremely hard posture. The Department of Homeland Security has designated Isotec’s technologies as Qualified Anti-terrorism. Nuclear facilities require the highest level of security and our technologies are mission compliant, 24/7 without compromise.

Isotec Security defines mission compliance as strategically designed Safety Entrances® that utilize automated, tactically coordinated technologies as part of our interlocking door designs.

Isotec Security’s site & user specific Safety Entrances® offer a consistent methodology that increases safety and security regardless of the man power resources available, their experience, or their level of training. Nuclear facilities have specific security needs and Isotec Safety Entrance® solutions provide consistent security methodologies, 100{0da0b4c47deb7adb6cb4b94258fb97930383627607256e0b73b442c6f21152f9} objectivity, user and site specific standards from site to site.

DHS Designated QATT II


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