IQ Electronics Replaces Mark III & IV

IQ Advanced Electronics for Mark III & IV

Novacomm failed as a company in 2011. Isotec’s IQ’s advanced technologies were designed and engineered to replace and improve the functionality of the defunct Novacomm Mark III & IV operating systems. Isotec’s IQ Electronics replace the outdated and faulty electronics with superior features and capabilities to insure 100% objective safety & security compliance.
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The video below is courtesy of Red Hawk Fire & Security in Orange County, CA. The controller screen monitors a person walking through a Safety Entrance®.

IQ’s universal architecture and adaptability can also serve as the electronics foundation for converting any vestibule area into an interlocking door system. IQ incorporates Isotec Security’s Programmable Logic Controller, Color Touchscreen Console, Power Supply, and Associated Cables. A Step by Step pictorial installation Manual is provided. Installation and testing takes less than 2 hours.

To the upper right is the complete IQ operator console. To the lower right is Novacomm’s outdated console.

  • IQ Controller Assembly
  • 10”x14”x6” Enclosure with Hinged Cover
  • Isotec Interface Mother Board
  • PLC Controller with two expansion modules and internal cables
  • UL Listed Emergency Release Board
  • Touchscreen Console Model WC700 with current software
  • Power Supply 24VDC @ 6Amp rated UL Listed with 6’ cable
  • Interconnect 100’ Cable, Plenum Rated
  • Intercom 9’ Cable (for use with existing Aiphone Intercom)
  • Wireless Receiver 12’ Cable (for use with existing Linear Receiver)
  • Mark III Connector Installation Kit
  • Installation and Maintenance Manuals

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