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Airport Access Control

Airport Access Control

U.S. airports the world-over are implementing automated systems to detect and prevent exit-lane breaches. Those who have made the switch, report that automated airport security service systems improve landside-to-airside security and reduce overall ongoing operating expenses.

TSA officials have been leading airport access control towards automated security technology, and security doors ever since the agency completed an evaluation of the technology in late 2016. After determining that the automation of airport security technology and solution systems are effective against wrong-way security breaches, TSA announced that it could opt to not staff exit lanes in new or recently remodeled terminals.

The TSA stated, “this will allow the administration to focus on its most critical responsibilities such as the screening of passengers and baggage. Exit-lane monitoring is not a screening function, but rather an issue of access control,” which is not dissimilar to perimeter fencing and gates for vehicles.

Airport Anti-Passback Technologies for A Modern World

Isotec’s airport access control solutions are site-specific, meaning that they are tailor-made specifically for your terminal. These systems range from smart-technologies (such as our ACE tablet) to interlocking door systems that are specifically designed to improve security while reducing overhead costs. In fact, a posted security position at an airport operating 24/7 cost more than $150,000 annually; while our airport anti-passback technologies prevent unauthorized access by those using false credentials, “piggybacking” or “tailgating”, and from those entering secure areas through designated “Exit Only” areas.

In today’s world, having automated airport access control will not only help you detect, but also prevent those who seek to harm passengers or staff. As a subject matter expert on airport security technology, solutions, and automated access control systems, Isotec Security received the Certificate of Designation from the Department of Homeland Security for developing and deploying Qualified Anti-terrorism Technologies.

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