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Commercial Security Doors

Automated security doors provide number of advantages over manned or guarded entrances. They are automatically controlled by Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and configured to perform to best suit the client’s needs.

They’re 100% objective 24/7. There are several technologies available for screening which control the automated security doors. Government & commercial security doors operate to client’s safety and security requirements.

Isotec’s “Auto Attendant” feature enables the security doors to act independent of human interface in fully automated capacity. Additional sensors in the security door system include a metal detector, occupancy and motion detectors, still & video cameras, and left object detection sensors.

Another mission-critical feature of Isotec security doors is their UL 752 ballistic capability. The frames and glazing materials used can be designed to withstand high powered rounds from an AK-47.

Commercial security doors are typically used to prevent weapons from entering building or to prevent tailgating. Since no two buildings are alike Isotec specializes in site-specific designs that match the aesthetics of the buildings they protect.

Government security door systems are also designed for weapons detection, access control, and materials control to guard against theft, and to prevent harmful substances from entering the facility.

Automated Security Doors

Automated security doors guarantee 100% objectivity to perform as required to maintain facility safety and security. In addition, government & commercial security doors are more economical than manned entrances, and usually, pay for themselves in less than 2 years.

In 2012 Isotec’s security doors were awarded the Certificate of Designation by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as Qualified Anti-terrorism Technologies. This approval allows for certain liability protections against acts of terrorism. In addition to legal protections, the DHS has set the safety and security standards for automates security door entrances.

Isotec’s automated security door systems can have as many lanes as required by a facility. Most systems are either single or two-lane systems.

A single lane system operates in two modes, an Entrance Mode, and an Exit Mode. It can serve as an entrance and exit, while a two-lane system usually has an entrance lane and an exit lane. While in Entry Mode, the entrance lane system enforces anti-tailgating, weapons and access control for entering the facility. When in Exit Mode the system is programmed to prevent re-tracking or pass back into the facility

A two-lane system prevents, tailgating, weapons and unauthorized personnel from entering a facility, while its exit lane prevents pass back or re-tracking back into the facility.

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