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Tailgating & Piggybacking Security

A tailgating system with automated security doors and the proper sensors are required to prevent tailgating. The system’s sensors are programmed to send signals to the system’s Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) when tailgating is detected. The PLC signals to keep an access door(s) locked into or out of a facility when tailgating is detected. Annunciators within the tailgating access control will instruct the occupants what to do. This configuration can be considered to be a mantrap or security vestibule.


Isotec utilizes tailgating countermeasures in our security door systems. However anti-tailgating sensors can operate on their own to detect tailgating.


Thought needs to be given when considering countermeasures against piggy backing security or tailgating security. The first consideration is whether the client needs to deter, detect or prevent tailgating.


Deterring tailgating may be possible with employee training and follow-on enforcement measures for violators. This approach may be appropriate for some businesses.


There are two types of tailgating security to consider. The 1st is casual tailgating. The 2nd and more difficult to stop is pre-meditated or deliberate with intent. Deliberate intent usually means acts of espionage.


A facility’s security requisites will determine the types of sensors used to either detect or prevent tailgating. That being said, the price of a tailgating access control system can range from $100 up to $30,000 and more.


Detecting tailgating can be accomplished by a simple infrared beam system with a dedicated card reader system attached next to a door with a sign that reads, “One person at a time”. This scenario will not prevent tailgating but it may detect it and most likely deter casual tailgating.


Upon tailgating detection, a signal will activate cameras if present and send a signal to security personnel. However, the person(s) tailgating have gained access since the tailgating access control system did not deny access. Denying access requires the use of a two-door mantrap system.


Tailgating may only be prevented if the proper sensors are used in conjunction with mantrap door interlocks. A system with mantrap doors and a double positive identification system will prevent between 98-99% of tailgating scenarios.


However, the only known countermeasure to prevent 100% of any tailgating act, whether it be casual or an act of espionage is by incorporating a weight system with double positive ID technology. Logging biometric data to authorized personnel restrict access and ensures 100% security compliance. This level of security is guaranteed to prevent tailgating or unauthorized access to a facility or secured area within a facility.

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