Winter Creates Security Issues for Banks & Credit Unions

Last year ATM vestibules in New York City became sleeping quarters for transients. On some occasions the homeless converted the unsecured areas into makeshift bedrooms. Those bank customers willing to risk a potential robbery literally had to step over them to access the ATM machines. Many customers chose alternate solutions to access their funds instead of running the risk of being mugged or assaulted.
Colder weather increases the likelihood that transients will turn to ATM vestibules for use as makeshift hotels. This enabled conditioning of vagrants makes for an unsafe environment for customers or residents of apartment buildings with vestibule entrances.
The problem of loitering in vestibules is not exclusive to banks. Secluded vestibules not secured or at least monitored often serve as perfect strike point areas for criminals. The vestibules often have obstructed views from the street or for those people entering. Patrons or residents don’t perceive the danger and walk right into an ambush attack. Vestibules can also serve as the point of access into an otherwise secured apartment or office building.
There are ways to eliminate the problem. The first step is to control access to credentialed customers or residents. The second is to monitor vestibule occupancy. Warnings to banks or law enforcement can be generated if the vestibule is occupied beyond a normal transaction time, such as entering or exiting a building.
Security personnel monitoring vestibules can ask occupants if they need assistance, instruct loiterers to vacate the vestibule or notify law enforcement of the problem. With today’s technologies these functions are accomplished, via remote communication and control centers.
Isotec Security deploys safety and security vestibule solutions that provide 24/7 deterrence, detection and protection to eliminate transient loitering problems which can lead to dangerous confrontations with Vagrants. These solutions insure the safety and security for customers and residents.

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