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Government Building Security

We owe a debt of gratitude for your sacrifices and service to our country, our states, counties, and cities. Your commitments and dedications are what make the United States the greatest of nations. The least we can do is help make your working environment safer and more secure through Isotec’s government building security systems.

In addition to protecting the people that protect the President, we also protect the people who work to keep safe those employees in our judiciaries that protect our rights, keep the peace, defend our borders, safeguard our national secrets, protect our strategic assets; and in doing so, protect our way of life. Our physical security procedures and systems provide fail-safe protection, 24/7.

Through our GSA contract, GS-07F-040BA Isotec provides direct availability of products and services to agencies and institutions. We also partner with prime contractors assigned to government building security projects requiring site-specific and risk-appropriate security solutions.

Isotec was awarded a certificate of Designation by the Department of Homeland Security under the 2002 Safety Act. Our certification was awarded in 2012. This certification designates certain Isotec Safety Entrances® as Qualified Anti-terrorism Technologies (AKA QATT). Under the SAFETY Act end users, prime contractors, and others affiliated with installing and utilizing our entrances are afforded certain liability protections. Those protections are extended to commercial businesses, municipalities and federal agencies alike. We offer the highest quality government building security systems and technologies. 

Isotec’s Federal Capability statement is available to government agencies and/or their prime contractors. The statement provides points of contact associated with certain projects, our DUNS number, NAICS codes and CAGE codes, along with a brief synopsis of the products and/or services provided for each project. 

Federal Capability Statement

Isotec provides physical security procedures & technologies as our way of providing safe & secure workplace environments so that everyone who goes to work comes home to their family when their shift is through.

No facility with an Isotec Safety Entrance® has ever suffered from an armed assault or incursion. We have your back.


For more information, download our PDF here: Federal Capability Statement

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