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ELBC Technologies; a Security “No Brainer”

If you ever saw someone sneaking into a movie through a theatre’s exit while the audience was leaving, you witnessed a crime/theft via an exit lane breach. That might not seem important; after all, it’s only a movie. Think again. More money is lost annually by movie theatres from people sneaking into movies than by all the bank robberies committed in the U.S. Now, take the same act, but change the venue to a courthouse, a strategic site or a Read More

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ELBC 101: Modern Solution for a Growing Need

A high level briefing on the functionalities and security benefits of Exit Lane Breach Control systems. Continue reading

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Setting the Spec

“Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.” James R. Steadham, Senior Chief USN Retired Scuba divers live by two important rules, “plan their dive and dive their plan” because they know the majority of diving accidents occur when “diving outside their plan”. Planning out and thinking through a security entrance’s Product Specifications are key steps in defining a project’s scope of work, and its Scenarios of Operation. The scenarios of operation define how the security entrance will perform when specified Read More

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Exit Lane Breach Control – The New Normal

Dedicated secure entrances and exits continue to trend as the “new normal” for enhancing facility safety and security. Exit Lane Breach Control (ELBC) for facilities such as airports, courthouses, city halls, banks, police & sheriff substations, schools and commercial buildings have become focal points for the growing demand for failsafe security. Facility managers and security officials consider safeguarding exits to be just as important as safeguarding entrances. They understand that a facility’s security is only as strong as its most Read More

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Tailgating Detection and Prevention: Enforce One Person Rule

Tailgating or piggy backing is becoming a greater security concern. The term tailgating or piggy backing refers to two or more people attempting to pass through an entrance that has a “one at a time” rule, or where ID authentication is required to enter. Enforcing compliance with credentialed entries or exits is an access control process governed by certain rules. One such rule is one credentialed person entering or leaving a building or a specified part of a building at Read More

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