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Security Entrances for A Modern World

We are safety and security subject matter experts. Our automated mantrap security entrances and exit lane breach control systems are used to protect the people who protect the President, guard America’s nuclear arsenal, serve as force multipliers at military installations, prevent armed bank robberies, isolate and stop lethal threats from entering courthouses and keep our country’s information technology infrastructure safe, and secure.

Custom access control systems

Isotec’s custom security access control solutions include bullet resistant doors and ballistic resistant glass panels. Our mantrap security entrances include access control technologies that use high-grade security glass to provide moderate risk-appropriate security for your Commercial business, School, or Municipal building. Additionally, our weapons detection and prevention door access control systems keep guns from being brought into a building. While our interlocking entrance designs offer metal detectors that signal the interlocking doors to open or remain closed.

What we Do

commercial security doors

Standard Access
Control Entrance

security entrance

Site Specific Access
Control Entrance

access control companies

Site Specific Arrayed
Access Control Entrance

ballistic glass

Site Specific Exit Lane
Breach Control Lanes

ballistic glass

Standard Two Lane
Weapons Prevention Entrance

Access Control Vestibule

Site Specific Two Lane Weapons Prevention Entrance

commercial security doors

Standard Single Lane
Weapons Prevention Entrance

commercial security doors

Site Specific Single Lane Weapons Prevention Entrance

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