Isotec – America’s Door Access Control System Company

Isotec Security’s automated mantrap security systems protect the people who protect the President.  Our door access control systems help protect America’s nuclear arsenal. Our asset tracking and weapons detection mantraps guard our country’s information technology infrastructures and protect financial institutions throughout the country.  

Isotec provides comprehensive Design, Engineering, and Services focused on user specific, security vestibules, trade marked as Safety Entrances®. As a leading access control systems manufacturer, Isotec’s Safety Entrance® carries the Certificate of Designation by the Department of Homeland Security as a Qualified Anti-terrorism Technology.

Isotec’s custom security solutions include bullet resistant doors and ballistic resistant glass panels. Our mantrap security door systems with access control technologies also use security glass to provide moderate risk appropriate security. Our weapons detection and prevention door access control systems keep guns from being brought into a building. Our interlock entrance designs offer metal detectors that signal the interlocking doors to open or remain closed.   

Isotec provides products and services nationwide for Federal, Municipal and Commercial customers. We provide “Turnkey” services for federal clients, and also subcontract to prime contractors, facility managers and security experts protecting our country’s strategic assets, military installations, courthouses and financial institutions nationwide. Isotec’s engineering and product design teams will design a user friendly and specific Safety Entrance® for you that is proven safe and effective.

Exit lane breach control is a standard Isotec feature that prevents entrance through designated exit lanes. Airports spend millions of dollars annually manning exit lanes. Isotec’s exit lane breach control systems not only detect, but prevent unauthorized entrance into airports.

Isotec’s automated door access control systems prevent tailgating or piggybacking from an unsecure area to a secure area. The interlocking doors combined with positive ID requirement and sensors enforce the single person rule for entries and exits. 

Call us today to discuss how a mantrap security door installation can increase your facility’s safety & security for less than $4.00 per hour.