Law Enforcement Security Solutions

Law Enforcement Security Solutions

Law Enforcement Security Solutions

Today safety is a significant issue in both private and public buildings, and security is more important than ever. That is why Isotec has developed site-specific access control security solutions specifically designed for law enforcement.

It is common for a company or business to assess security and safety to ensure a safe environment for employees and visitors. Providing a safe environment and securing property has become a high priority for all property owners and managers.

The public has become used to security measures being in place when they enter a building and are conditioned to assume that this means the building is secure. This assumption holds for police stations, as well. Police stations are believed to be well equipped to handle threats or an active shooter event. This belief often is held by both the public and politicians, leading to a lack of investment in police station security improvements.

Access Control for Police

The number of police and law enforcement officers who died on the job in 2018 increased by about 12% over the previous year, and firearms-related fatalities are the leading cause of officer deaths. In turn, having site-specific law enforcement security solutions that protect the officers and non-badged employees is vital. The variety and scope of the services required from police stations means that versatile, and adaptable security solutions much be not only available, but also enforceable.

Police stations have to be concerned with a variety of risks, and much of it revolves around access control. Metal detectors and scanning devices are mandatory to ensure a safe building. Police stations also need man traps to limit access to vital or sensitive areas.

Police stations also have uniformed and civilian employees dealing directly with the public. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration has suggested that convenience stores install bullet-resistant glass barriers, and the same safety standard should apply when considering law enforcement security solutions.

Isotec is committed to preventing security breaches and violent crime. Our team is experts in controlling access and ensuring safe environments in public, private, and government workplaces. To learn more about securing your building as well as our access control systems for police stations, contact us today.