Why Choose Isotec

What sets Isotec apart?

Isotec Security is the only access control company in the U.S. solely dedicated to manufacturing door access control systems trademarked as Safety Entrances®. Our UL® Ballistic rated mantrap security systems have the Certificate of Designation by the Department of Homeland Security as Qualified Anti-terrorism Technologies. Isotec is also proud to partner with the General Services Administration (GSA) and is the only access control company whose mantrap security doors are available for purchase through our GSA contract.

With over 30 years of experience, our engineers are well-versed systems integrators. our entrances interface seamlessly with legacy security and the requisite hardware, devices or components specified by our clients. Contact us today for more information.

Isotec’s mantrap security door systems are stand-alone structures. Our typical configurations can accommodate bi-directional foot traffic or uni-directional traffic, with dedicated lanes for entry and exit. Because we build to standardized specifications our mantraps are guaranteed and warranted to perform as defined by the client’s scenario of operation.

Isotec uses 1200lb pull force magnetic locks to secure our mantrap security doors. Each of our Access Control Systems uses a “mag locks” that has been cycle tested and proven for durable performance for 3,000,000 cycles. In addition, we utilize “bonding sensors” to ensure our mag locks are bonded with the door’s armature plate.

Our new Synergy tablets now control the ladder logic that runs our Safety Entrances® and Access Control Entrances. The encrypted tablets can be Ethernet wired for the highest possible security. Isotec engineers have taken our base operating system a step further and developed our Access Control Electronics (ACE) package that can repair old security vestibules as well.

As with any products customized or site-specific designs and configurations will cost 20-40% more than a standard product. That being said our standard two-lane Weapons detection & prevention entrance MSRP starts at $47,700. Our standard single lane weapons detection & prevention entrance MSRP starts at $39,400. Our single lane access control entrance MSRP starts at $29,500.
Are these doors safe for use in schools?

Below are the prices for our standard products. The increase in pricing is now accounting more fully for
Synergy Tablet technology. Additionally, seat costs and material costs will be itemized on quotations.


  • Double Lane Entrance: $43,440 MSRP: $52,120
  • Double Lane Entrance UL Level I: $51,880 MSRP: $62,260
  • Double Lane Entrance UL Level II: $57,455* MSRP: $68,950*
  • Single Lane Entrance: $36,065 MSRP: $43,280
  • Single Lane Entrance UL I: $40,165 MSRP: $48,200
  • Single Lane Entrance UL II: $44,080* MSRP: $52,290*
  • 6866 Access Control Entrance: $26,295 MSRP: $31,555
  • IQ: $5,395 – Certified Integrators Only
  • Tablet IQ: $10,605 – Certified Integrators Only
  • ACE: $12,660 – Certified Integrators Only

*Added Factory Labor Costs Included

Law enforcement and security experts agree that protecting your building against active shooters and harmful events need to be addressed in layers. Isotec’s Single and Two-Lane, Safety Entrances® with Exit Lane Breach Control (ELBC) technologies can play a crucial role to ensure that guns and unauthorized persons are kept out of schools, banks, & courthouses – just to name a few.


No matter the location, design or desired level of safety and security, 24/7 operational objectivity is the key performance metric that distinguishes our superior automated technologies from posted security. The response functions of our sensors are pre-determined, they happen in milliseconds and are not susceptible to the judgmental or arbitrary responses that come with human error. Most importantly any perceived threat that comes through a security vestibule is isolated from vulnerable populations until it can be cleared.

Whatever the moniker, mantrap, security vestibule, security portal, or interlocking doors operate under the premise of only one door being open at a time, with the second opening only when certain operating conditions are met. There may be other conditions that keep the second door from opening, but this is just one example. If a person carrying a gun enters a Safety Entrance® the metal detector will transmit a signal not to open the second door. This alarm also signals building personnel to further screen the individual or lend assistance. The person will not be able to enter the building until security personnel is satisfied that the individual meets the safety & security requisites.

Assuming that the person does not trigger an alarm typical transit through the entrance is 2-3 seconds.

Recognizing that each facility may have varied entrance security requirements; our two-lane entrance could easily accommodate 5-6 people at a time, as long as all the occupants passed the set screening requirements.

Once entered into the production queue, the typical time to manufacture a standard Safety Entrance® is 5-6 weeks. Site specific designs and larger sized special configurations will take longer. Your sales contact can supply you with more accurate delivery times.

By following best practices bi-annual preventive maintenance Safety Entrances® have operational lives in excess of 10-15 years. We’ve designed and engineered solid-state circuitry that performs critical functions, so more times than not, electronics become obsolete before they fail. Whenever possible, the replacement technologies we develop are reverse compatible with existing entrances. Additionally, Isotec warranties key mechanical parts such as door closers for up to 10 years. One of our mission-critical screening devices has historical average meantime before failure (MTBF) of 88,000 hours! Nope, that’s not a typo.

There two types of installation scenarios; a new build and a retrofit. A “new build” will take 1 ½ days to install. Depending on the amount of demolition and building construction required “retro-fit” could take 3-4 days to install.

Isotec trains and supervises security integrators and or construction companies during the installation. The entrances arrive partially assembled and are marked for easy in the field assembly.

Isotec’s entrances must pass three levels of quality control performance checks. Each entrance must pass our Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), Installation Site Acceptance Test (ISAT), and Operational Site Acceptance Test (OSAT). The onsite performance test must be approved by the customer.

Isotec Safety Entrances® and Access Control vestibules are made from 6061-T6 Aluminum tubing. Depending on order requirements the aluminum will be either 1/8” or ¼” thick. 6061-T6 Aluminum is resistant to corrosion, and a very strong but lightweight material. All of our aluminum is milled in the U.S. Our 1/8” wall aluminum can stop a 9mm round. Our ¼” wall aluminum stops a .44 caliber round.

The ballistic glass used in our Ballistic Safety Entrances® is typically UL 752, no spall, Level I, II or III. These ballistic levels can stop rounds from 9mm, .357 magnum, and .44 caliber handguns. The glass used in our Access Control entrance is typically UL 972 High Impact Energy resistant glass which protects against penetration from repetitive forceful blows.

Yes. Isotec specializes in site specific engineering. More than 90% of Isotec’s entrances are custom fitted to meet either the building’s architectural or aesthetic requirements.

Yes! Since no two individual clients have the exact same needs, the Scenario of Operations for our entrances is configured to meet the security needs for each facility we protect. It is not uncommon for the same facility to require different scenarios of operation for different parts of the same building.

In 2012 the Department of Homeland Security issued a certificate of Designation for Isotec’s Safety Entrances® as Qualified Anti-terrorism Technology (QATT) under the 2002 SAFETY Act and proven to be safe and effective against acts of terrorism.