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Your bank is trusted by the community to safeguard their assets. Keeping that trust is essential, but there are always those who want to see it violated. Defending against assailants is crucial when keeping that assurance secure, and a strong access control system can be the foundation you build that security upon.

The FBI defines armed robberies and takeovers as “bank terrorism.” These attacks can range from amateur to advanced, but the Isotec system can work on a number of levels to ensure your valued customers and employees won’t fall victim.

Protection Through Prevention

Access control allows your financial institution to monitor and moderate the flow of traffic to make sure everything operates as it should. While daily guests will hardly give a properly integrated security system a second thought, a powerful security gateway can give violators pause before they ever try.

Mantraps can be utilized for screening when a person enters, using sophisticated scanning systems to make sure they don’t pose a threat to your establishment. If a problem is detected, the system is designed to keep potential risks out while additional screening can take place. This can greatly reduce the costs of maintaining a security team strong enough to deter robberies while increasing the overall defense at your public entrance.

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Why Isotec Is The Premier Choice


Certified by the Department of Homeland Security as a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology, Isotec’s Safety Entrances® are the proven answer to keep your people and your patrons safe. No bank or credit union with mantraps by Isotec has ever been the victim of an armed robbery. The system is ready to stop any assault that comes to your doorstep, but the mechanisms in place will also quickly pay returns in deterrence.

Preserve the faith that has been placed in your financial institution by entrusting your protection to Isotec.