Omnilert Gun Detection

Military Inspired
Data-Centric AI

Introducing Omnilert Gun Detect, a state-of-the-art system that goes beyond traditional security measures to save lives through early gun and active shooter detection, human verification, mass communication, and automated response.

Omnilert’s AI-powered visual gun detection system seamlessly integrates with your existing security cameras, creating a widely deployable early gun detection solution. In fractions of a second, the AI identifies a potential gun threat and promptly sends an alert for verification. Isotec is excited to offer this technology in conjunction with products like ODIN and our Safety Entrances. Access control has always been our strongest focus, and with Omnilert, security awareness starts even sooner.

The Most Effective Gun Detection Solution For Active Shooter Threats

Early detection is crucial, but a robust response is what changes the outcome of an active shooter incident. With Omnilert Gun Detect, you can automate your response at the touch of a button. Emergency response plans and systems are activated instantly, maximizing every critical second during an incident.

How does Omnilert work?

Omnilert employs automation and next generation artificial intelligence to: speed up emergency response, enable detection and visualize critical incidents.

Key Features of Omnilert


  • Detailed Situational Intelligence: Dispatched to police and onsite security teams for a rapid and effective response.

  • Activation of Security and Safety Systems: Lock doors, sound alarms, change lighting, highlight evacuation routes, and more.

  • Emergency Communications and Automation Platform: Broadcasts alerts and notifications beyond traditional channels, including mass text, email, and voice. It extends to mobile safety apps, social media, PA announcements, and digital signage.

  • Integrate Hardware and AI Software: Combine hardware, software, monitoring services, integrations and direct public safety answering point (PSAP) connections

  • Reliable, 24/7 Visual Gun Detection: AI identifies a gun threat and sends an alert for human verification

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