Access Control Solutions for Places of Worship

Solving Hate Crimes

You can’t take security for granted anymore. With threats and attacks in places of worship a real possibility, it’s better to prepare with all the advances of modern technology to maintain your safe space.

Holy places are often prime targets for violence, vandalism, and robbery – in turn, having the appropriate level of temple, mosque, or church security is imperative. It seems almost unimaginable that something like that could happen where you pray with your fellow worshippers by your side. But unless you take the necessary steps, the opportunity remains.


Access Control for Churches, Synagogues & Places of Worship

Access control at the entrance of your temple or church will make sure that only those with the right intentions can enter and will deter anyone looking to do harm. The proper entry control can bear the load of monitoring access through a sophisticated and automated process while cutting the need for expensive security personnel.

These access control portals help slow the feed of people while detecting and stopping dangers in their tracks. Our products are designed to be site-specific, meaning that they are built custom to the needs and specifications of your mosque, temple or church’s security.

Mantraps make sure anyone or anything you want to stay outside will be left in the cold, while you and yours will be safely tucked away. The mantrap stops unwanted guest at the door, but still welcomes normal types of traffic. A parent can access the mantrap together with their child, and an assistance request button makes sure those that need help entering the building can receive it.

Our access control for churches, synagogues & places of worship comes complete with bullet-resistant glass that can stop the force of a high-powered rifle at close range, and frames and other hardware made of high-tensile aluminum for enhanced durability.

So, increase your synagogue, temple or church security to keep your congregation in peace with Isotec’s security entrances. Contact us today  for more info on our top-of-the-line products, full installation, and technical support services.