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When thinking about government facility access control, our minds tend to drift to big organizations like the CIA, FBI, or DHS. However, Federal, State, and Local Government facilities include a variety of building types, such as administrative offices, maintenance buildings, courthouses, and police departments. In turn, these facilities need appropriate access control in place to protect staff, and visitors.

At Isotec, we develop and install site-specific access control technologies (which are trademarked as Safety Entrances® by the Department of Homeland Security) that increase the security of your site. These state-of-the-art electronic access control systems can be tailored with multiple security levels to suit the various needs of your facility. They can also be integrated existing security systems, and are able to be controlled from a central point, logging the details of visitors who have entered via the use of our ACE Security Operating System.

Certified Federal Building Security Providers

Providing government facility access control is no minor feat. Physical access requirements are not one-size-fits-all, so we work with you to draft a well-orchestrated physical access system that has been designed for your site’s specific needs. Our access control system can work with your existing systems, reducing installation cost and limiting disruption to the workday. Additionally, through our GSA contract, GS-07F-040BA, we are able to provide direct availability of our federal building security products to agencies and institutions around the United States. Please contact us today to learn more.

Isotec’s Federal Capability Statement*

Isotec’s Federal Capability statement is available to government agencies and/or their prime contractors. The statement provides points of contact associated with certain projects, our DUNS number, NAICS codes and CAGE codes, along with a brief synopsis of the products and/or services provided for each project.

For more information, download our PDF here: Federal Capability Statement