Product overview

Isotec’s Safety Entrances & Custom Security Doors

Isotec’s Safety Entrances® are one of the safest ways to provide weapons prevention and access control for your facility’s entrances; protecting the lives of your people, and those they serve. Isotec’s customized structural designs and configurable operating scenarios feature isolation technologies that enable our Safety Entrances® to detect, and prevent guns from entering your facility.

Our Safety Entrances® and Access Control entrances can be hard wired to use our Synergy 3 in 1 console or operate with our wireless Synergy Tablets. The Synergy’s Tablet’s features include but are not limited to: Wireless command & control, intuitive operator touchscreen console or tablet, Windows-based software, instructive voice prompts, two-way audio with up to three intercoms, multiple high resolution IP camera views, desktop or ‘Rugged Rover’ tablet versions, built in or remote diagnostics capability, emails & text messaging capable, configurable software with unlimited updates.