Walk Through Metal Detectors

Walk Through Metal Detectors

Security Metal Detectors are the most common and standard screening device used with mantrap doors, security vestibules, or access control portals. The metal detectors are governed by Programmable Logic Controllers or PLCs which send signals to the doors to open or remain locked if a weapon is detected. Door frame metal detector systems can be tuned to find as little as ½ of a razor blade or a flash drive. This is invaluable for maintaining security at places like schools, government buildings, correctional facilities, and IT server farms.

Isotec’s metal detector doors use CEIA elliptical style walk-through metal detectors in our Door Frame Metal Detectors. This means that the metal detector’s magnetic field can be targeted within the door system for higher levels of object discrimination with virtually no false-positive events.

Our security metal detectors are combined with interlocking doors to help stop armed assailants from entering facilities by denying access into a facility when a weapon is detected. When the alarm is triggered, the walk through metal detector sends a signal to the system’s PLC which keeps the door into the facility locked via a 1200lb pull force mag lock. Annunciators or security personnel then communicate to the occupant(s) what they need to do before being allowed into a facility.

These walk-through metal detector doors are programmed to seek and detect not only metal objects but also certain types of shapes.

Many schools and other organizations prefer to use this style of metal detector opposed to wands as they provide additional safety to personnel. These high standards keep unauthorized firearms from breaching an entrance with metal detector door security. The FAA has strict standards that metal detectors must meet in order to be used for airport security.

The underlying technology

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs): These are digital computers used for automation of electromechanical processes. In our security systems, PLCs play a crucial role by receiving input from the metal detector and controlling the locking mechanism of the doors. They are programmed to respond quickly and accurately to the detection of metal objects, ensuring immediate action to secure the area.

CEIA Elliptical Style Metal Detectors: CEIA’s elliptical style detectors create a focused magnetic field that can be finely tuned for high precision. This technology allows for greater object discrimination, meaning it can differentiate between harmless metal objects and potential threats with high accuracy. The elliptical design also reduces the chances of false positives, which is essential for maintaining a smooth flow of people through the security checkpoints.

Sensitivity and Object Discrimination: Our door frame metal detectors are highly sensitive and can detect even small metallic objects like razor blades and flash drives. This high sensitivity is crucial in environments that require stringent security measures, such as IT server farms and correctional facilities. The ability to discriminate between different types of metal objects also enhances security by reducing false alarms and ensuring that real threats are identified quickly.

Loss Prevention: Some door frame metal detector manufacturers have designed walk-through metal detectors that have the technology to be programmed to identify an individual’s “metallic profile”. This is important for employees with artificial knees, or hips that must clear screening daily and would otherwise set off the security metal detector. For super secure facilities, it can be used as a loss prevention measure and to ensure that a person has not brought unauthorized materials or objects into a secure area.

Please note: Isotec uses only CEIA Door Frame Metal Detectors in our Mantrap Door systems for reliable weapons detection. CEIA metal detectors are Certified Anti-terrorism Technologies as defined by the 2002 SAFETY Act.

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