School Security

Isotec Security Features Promote Student & Faculty Safety

School incidents, from shootings to bullying to drugs and other negative behaviors, occur at uncomfortably high rates. For many students and faculty, anxiety can be overwhelming. The U.S. Center for Disease Control released the results of a 2016 survey that revealed six percent of students missed one day of school in the month leading up to the survey because they felt unsafe at school. Eight percent of students had been in a physical fight on school property in the month prior Read More

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Choosing Security Door Systems

Security Door Systems & How to Choose the Right One

Choosing security door systems for your commercial building is of the utmost importance. You want to choose a system that is appropriate based on the flow of people, the valuable assets held within the building, and more. There is more technology on the market than ever before. This can lead to an overwhelming number of choices for you. By gaining a better understanding of how the different doors work, you can start to see which ones would be most appropriate Read More

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How to Run A Physical Security Risk Assessment on Your Business

  With frequent warnings about hackers, digital theft, and general cybersecurity, it’s easy to overlook physical security as a concern of the past. But crime hasn’t gone completely digital and never will. Most companies wait until they face a major threat before conducting a physical risk assessment. By this time, the company has lost not only dollars but may have taken a hit to their reputation and harmed consumer trust. Don’t wait for a security breach before you reevaluate safety Read More

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Credit Union doors

Physical Security Measures – What Can Isotec Security Systems Protect

Are Isotec Security Systems Right for Your Building? Physical security is critically important for countless industries; many institutions are unfortunately under constant threat and must invest heavily in measures to ward off intruders. These organizations have traditionally relied on security guards, and while guards will likely always remain invaluable to safety procedures in the workplace, modern access control technology can assist or replace them in many instances. Isotec’s high-tech doors and other systems are trusted not only by banks and Read More

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Grant Funding for Law Enforcement Technologies

Grant Funding for Law Enforcement Technologies The National Sheriffs Association recently hosted a webinar for municipal law enforcement agencies on areas to be focus that are receiving state and federal funding. The webinar featured representatives from Grants Office, LLC out of Rochester, NY. There are many technology deployments that can be funded via state or federal grants. The two largest funding initiatives by the Department of Homeland Security are the Urban Area Security Initiative (USAI) and the State Read More

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Three Reasons You Should Consider a Bulletproof Glass Door for Your Company

        There is no doubt that crime statistics and news stories influence the way you feel about operating a business. While it’s not always healthy to dwell on the risks involved, we all have to live in reality and prepare for the worst while hoping for the best. With the world being far more unpredictable in violence and theft, what should you do to protect your business? Even if you think no one would do anything to Read More

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Access Control Systems Manufacturers: What You Need to Know

  Isotec Security is a leading manufacturer of access control systems that protect individuals and businesses from potential threats by monitoring and controlling access through the use of proven protection systems and modern technology. Our systems include elements such as bulletproof doors and ballistic resistant glass panels, and our Safety Entrance has been certified by the Department of Homeland Security as a qualified anti-terrorism technology. For those businesses experiencing a need to implement access control systems in the workplace, there Read More

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Airport lane

Los Angeles Airport Installs Automated Lane Security Systems

Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) and TSA recently unveiled the first five Automated Screening Lanes (ASL) to be installed as part of a $12.3 million project to upgrade 14 lanes in the Tom Bradley International Terminal security checkpoint at Los Angeles International. The new lane security systems allow up to five travelers to place their items in trays simultaneously and submit them for screening without waiting for the first person to complete the process. Passengers then line up at the Read More

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Gun duel at close range


Using armed personnel to stop or deter an armed assault is the premise behind using guns to stop guns. Using guns to stop guns promotes lethal conflicts. What about the general public in the immediate vicinity? What is their defense? As quoted by the Center of Investigative Reporting, “The presence of an armed guard was the strongest factor whether incidents turned violent.” An analysis of FBI bank crimes data by The Center for Investigative Reporting found guards with guns pose Read More

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(2012) ATM Hooded Killer Screenshot 1

Winter Creates Security Issues for Banks & Credit Unions

Last year ATM vestibules in New York City became sleeping quarters for transients. On some occasions the homeless converted the unsecured areas into makeshift bedrooms. Those bank customers willing to risk a potential robbery literally had to step over them to access the ATM machines. Many customers chose alternate solutions to access their funds instead of running the risk of being mugged or assaulted. Colder weather increases the likelihood that transients will turn to ATM vestibules for use as makeshift Read More

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