Anti-Passback Access Control

What Is "Anti-passback" & Why Has It Seen A Growth In Popularity?

Anti-Passback Access Control

In its simplest form, “anti-passback” is a feature that can be used to prevent users from passing cardholder credentials to an unauthorized person for improper access and misuse of a given access control system. In their most common application anti-passback access control systems are designed to detect and prevent an individual from gaining access to your facility through dedicated exits. Basically, these dedicated lanes are programmed to let people leave but not enter a facility, specifically in places where security is paramount – like your local airport. In fact, airports are one of the foremost instances of anti-passback technologies. As they use them to enforce the flow of passengers exiting from the departures/arrivals area to the baggage claim or terminal exits.

How does Anti-Passback Work?

Anti-passback access control systems use motion and presence sensors to detect persons loitering in areas that should be vacated. When activated, sensors transmit signals to the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) which employs pre-programmed ladder logic to respond to the event. Upon detection, the PLC then locks the door into the facility and simultaneously signals security personnel of the attempted breach. It can also activate annunciators that can give directions to leave the area and go through the approved entrance area to enter the facility.

Anti-passback Entrances

These anti-passback entrances allow for detection and prevention, which are critical functionalities for any access control system. The Department of Homeland Security requires these functionalities to be approved as an Anti-terrorism Technology (ATT). Anti-passback detection and prevention are just two of the security features that are included in Isotec’s patented Safety Entrances®.

Custom Built Anti-Passback Access Control Systems

Since facility security requirements and dimensions vary from site-to-site, Isotec’s Safety Entrances® and integrated technologies are site-specific in design and configured to meet a facility’s required scenario of operations. This includes various market verticals such as airportscourthousespolice stationsmilitary installations, and commercial facilities.

Our site-specific designs, engineering, and scenarios of operation ensure that we deploy risk-appropriate safety and security for your facility. Additionally, our custom security entrances use complex mantrap, Exit Lane Breach Control (ELBC), and anti-passback technology to prevent people from entering facilities through unsecured points of egress.