Door Access Control Repair & Installation

Sometimes access control systems malfunction and need to be repaired or serviced in order to once again operate correctly. If your sensors, detectors or any components relating to your access control systems aren’t working properly (or at all), please give us a call as soon as possible to schedule a repair. Isotec is a foremost leader in door access control repair, and installation – so when our technicians arrive at your location, we will closely examine the security entrance (or tablet) in question, determine what corrections must be made, and efficiently implement those corrections.

Our repair services include:

System Upgrades – Tablet IQ Operating Electronics

Sometimes older systems require upgrades to ensure that your site remains secure. Isotec’s Tablet IQ is our flagship electronics operating system for repairing Isotec Safety Entrances®. Tablet IQ has all the functionality and so much more than our venerable 3 in 1 Synergy Console, and it will reduce installation cost. The IQ features a multitude of IP features and benefits that include WiFi or Ethernet wired utility, greater intuitive functionality, new user-friendly rich interface, video viewing, intercom communication, and wireless mobility built into one platform.

Tablet IQ is another industry first, as it has a multitude of services that include*:

Either wireless or Ethernet versions will be quoted for repairing obsolete or outdated electronic operating systems. Please select the drop-downs below for more information concerning the standard and, optional package choices:

  • SSR Motherboard
  • Transistor PLC Assembly
  • Distribution Board
  • 12V Internal Power Supply
  • Maintenance Console
  • 8 Port Ethernet Switch
  • Wireless Access Point w/25’ plenum cable
  • IP Intercom (B Zone)
  • Axis Mini Dome IP Camera (Inspection Tray)
  • Device Simulator Test Board
  • System override key switch on the lower exterior
  • Fire Alarm override input
  • Synergy Tablet Console (wireless)
  • 100’ to 300’ Wired package for Tablet (includes (1) USB to Ethernet adapter. Cable not included.)
  • 24VDC 6A Power Supply
  • Set of Device Cables (Needed for non-synergy systems)
  • IP Intercom External Mounting Box (Needed for non-synergy systems)
  • Voice Prompts in external mount box (Needed for non-synergy systems)
  • Mounting box for external Intranet Equipment (Switch, POE, Camera hardware. Needed if there is no 8” access panel)
  • Axis Door Jamb IP Camera
  • Axis Height Strip IP Camera
  • Axis Mini Dome IP Camera
  • Additional IP Intercom (A exterior or exit lane)
  • Emergency Egress (Timer board, pushbuttons, reset switch and cables) Emergency Systems
  • Delayed Egress Emergency Buttons (Mounted next to both doors in the egress direction. Pressing either button will release both doors after 15/30 second countdown. The local audible alert is activated. Doors will remain unlocked until reset with key.)
  • System Override Out (provides contact closure when the system override feature has been activated)
  • Metal Alarm Out (provides contact closure when the metal detector alarm has been activated) – Door Position Contacts