Jewelry Store Access Control

Jewelry Store Access Control

Stores carry inventory that is vital to their operations, but very few contain such large quantities of high-value items as jewelry stores. It’s due to this unique inventory that jewelry stores are depicted as a frequent target for theft in popular media, often inspired by real-life break-ins and robberies. Criminals are attracted to the small size and high value of items that these stores carry on hand. Whether premeditated or a crime of opportunity, slipping a ring or necklace out of a jewelry store is often too easy and results in a significant loss for the store. As consistent targets of criminal activity, having an effective jewelry store security system is paramount to protecting employees, customers, and inventory from would-be thieves. Detecting potential theft and deterring thieves altogether are imperative goals. Isotec’s interlocking mantrap doors for jewelers can ensure the protection of your store, your employees, your customers, and your stock.

Our mantrap doors for jewelers will not just act as a strong deterrent for would-be thieves but also prevent armed threats from entering the store.

Advanced Protection Designed for Jewelry Stores

To achieve this secure jewelry store access control that both prevents and deters theft, Isotec uses interlocking door systems that keep thieves out. Thanks to the proprietary Synergy OS, this enables store owners and employees to monitor who has access. These mantrap doors use 1200 lb. pull force magnetic locks (or higher) as part of our Safety Entrances® mantrap setup where unauthorized individuals and those with ill intent are locked out of the second door, and unable to enter the secure location.

CEIA Metal Detectors enhance this jewelry store security system by utilizing a high level of object discrimination to detect specific shapes in addition to metal content. This means that they can identify weapons such as firearms and send an alarm signal to trigger the interlocking mantrap doors for jewelers while allowing non-threatening metal like water bottles to pass through.

Isotec’s security system provides a significant deterrent to discourage thieves from considering your jewelry store as a potential target by looks alone. Nearly every unit is custom, made for your specific site to best match colors and design which provides a welcoming entrance and a noticeable security barrier simultaneously.

Choose Isotec Access Control Solutions for Your Jewelry Store

Our specialty is developing security systems that prevent theft and protect customers, employees, and assets in public, private, and government industries. We provide strategic and tactical advantages for our clients with solutions like our mantrap doors, by giving them the control necessary to prevent security breaches. Our Safety Entrances® have been designated as Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technologies by the Department of Homeland Security because the keep America secure. We will work with you to customize the solution so it will serve as the advanced protection solution that you need to secure your jewelry store. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs, call us at (303) 974-7699 or email for more information.