ODIN: Information with Discretion

It is no surprise that OPENGATE has quickly become one of the best-selling walk-through metal detectors on the market. With a sturdy, lightweight, mobile design, the weapons detection columns are becoming the top choice for outdoor and indoor security needs across dozens of verticals. While the information it provides is pivotal, many businesses have expressed a need for more discreet ways of gaining knowledge when triggered without alerting potential threats. 


Introducing ODIN.

Odin OpenGate

ODIN is a sleek, after-market product designed with OPENGATE in mind. This American-made, durable enhancement fits firmly over the top of the weapon detector’s column, hiding the green or red lights that indicate a threat has been flagged. OPENGATE is known for its incredible throughput and next-level discretion capabilities that allow for people to pass through without having to entirely discard their belongings for individual searching, even including items like tablets and metal water bottles.


Due to this technologically advanced product, many sites choose to forgo the traditional manned guard near the detectors; instead, they utilize a central hub where the few flags can be reviewed remotely. With ODIN, we have included an alarm receiver nearly universally compatible with your business’s existing security system. Both Wi-fi and LTE capable, ODIN upgrades security intel to include notifications from OPENGATE from anywhere around the world. As long as ODIN has a network connection, it can be monitored. Leveraging the cloud, ODIN’s alarm transmitter doesn’t even have to be connected to the same network as its receiver, allowing the OPENGATE to be monitored by remote security operation centers.


Isotec Security’s ODIN, much like OPENGATE, has a rapid set-up. The inconspicuous system can be turned on, placed, and ready to go in less than a minute. It only takes an hour and a half to charge fully with the provided USB-C cable, and the battery can last all day. The 4”x6” black box that holds the alarm receiver connects right into the existing security system and uses a standard wall plug.


For those looking to add truly remote options and added secrecy to their mobile weapons detection security, ODIN is here as the one-step solution. 


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