Hospital Access Control

As the use of technology advances in both useful and destructive ways, the importance of hospital security remains paramount. A breach can have a negative impact on patients, visitors, employees, equipment, and more as individuals with unauthorized access roam freely in restricted or protected areas of the facility. When accidental, or, especially when ill intent is pre-meditated, acts of piggybacking or tailgating can compromise the security of a hospital and place both people and resources at risk.

Tailgating involves an unauthorized individual who enters a facility by slipping in behind someone with authorized access. This can be casual or pre-meditated, but both are equally compromising to a hospital’s security. The term piggybacking is used to identify a situation where an authorized individual willingly enables an unauthorized individual to follow them through a secure checkpoint within the hospital’s physical infrastructure.

Both piggybacking and tailgating can be avoided by integrating specialized security systems that use double-positive ID technology to verify single access, and include mantrap door interlocks.

Isotec Services for Hospitals

Isotec provides these specialized security systems and has over 30 years of experience protecting hospitals and other secure facilities. With Isotec’s hospital access control solutions, you’ll take complete control over checkpoints by detecting and preventing unauthorized access such as tailgating or piggybacking without the need for additional staff or security personnel.

Authorized individuals will be required to present biometric data to confirm their identity before passing through the anti-tailgating mantrap. This system prevents unauthorized use by locking access doors when tailgating is detected. Information signals are sent to the system’s Programmable Logic Controller or PLC and both individuals are detained inside one of our trademarked Safety Entrances® until annunciators can respond and provide instruction.

Why Trust Isotec for Hospital Access Control?

Our mission is to provide strategic and tactical advantages for our clients in the public, private, and government sectors by preventing security breaches that can damage their operations or place their employees, guests, and others in danger. Isotec Safety Entrances® have been designated as Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technologies by the Department of Homeland Security and we have integrated these solutions into ultra-secure facilities such as military bases, IT facilities, and healthcare facilities. We are committed to providing your hospital with unmatched security solutions, and we are prepared to deliver a system that meets the specific needs of your facility. Contact us to discuss your security needs and let Isotec improve the safety and security of your building. Call us at (309) 974-7699 or email today.