About Us

About Isotec & Access Control Companies

Why us? Without reservation, regardless of your security needs, we’ll deliver the security solution that meets your facility’s Form, Fit & Function requirements. Our process is simple yet essential to your protection. We listen, probe, and educate. We then research design and engineer, to your specifications, a mantrap security system or safety interlock system that protects against armed threats; to protect your personnel and those they serve.   We specialize in security door & access control systems, augmented with technologies that detect, isolate, and prevent identifiable threats from entering your facility. Our engineers are well-versed systems integrators with over 40 years’ experience. Our entrances interface seamlessly with legacy security, and the requisite hardware, devices, or components specified by you.
David Barnes, CEO, speaking animatedly in a meeting
Pictured: CEO, David Barnes

Who we are:

Isotec is a systems integration engineering firm. We design standardized, and site specific entrances and exits for buildings. Our services include drafting, electrical and mechanical engineering services. We are a low volume, high mix manufacturer. Our
entrances deter, detect and protect against unauthorized personnel, weapons, and contraband materials from entering or leaving a building

Where we came from:

Isotec’s primary mission is to provide security for doorways. Since every door has a purpose, our commitment is to help our clients determine how best to design doorway entrances that can better serve and protect those people who either work, or visit facilities. Our mission is to protect our clients’ employees, patrons and assets. By providing innovative solutions and products, we overcome the status quo one solution at a time. We’re raising the conscious level of the public about the advantages of robotic doorway entrances and exits built to take a bullet.

Where we are going:

Isotec has intentionally focused the bulk of our resources to distinguish our company as a systems integration and engineering firm. Our nirvana is to be known as a security think tank, that collaborates with end users, regulatory bodies and with other manufacturers. As part of this nexus, Isotec will continually evolve to remain a relevant contributor of security solutions.
Military Access Control

Interested Parties Internal:

Client Services’ listening begins here. Our multifaceted roles are a balance of gathering requisite inputs, understanding of the client, and providing educational output on ways of providing greater safety and security.
Engineering’s primary objectives include, but are not limited to, enhancing and adapting our product’s capabilities, with evolving technologies that can meet our clients’ needs. In addition, engineering lays the ground work for repeatable and sustainable manufacturing practices.
Operations ensures that the company has the necessary resources in place so we may deliver on the promises made to the client, in the timely manner forecasted to the client.

Procurement primarily focuses specification and quality conformance of incoming materials and components. In addition, monitoring vendor reliability for on time delivery performance,
and product support, are consistently evaluated. Streamlining processes ensures the flow of raw materials, components, and vendor services, and enables the company to deliver on orders forecasted to the client.

Production is responsible for delivering on the form, fit, function and product specification promises made to the client.
Technical & Product Support’s essential services provides actionable information during installation and post installation for years to come. Without the knowledge provided for preventative maintenance and product support, the entrance most likely falls into disrepair within 1 or 2 years.
Quality Assurance provides the tools and develops processes for the QMS’ implementation, continuous improvement, and oversight throughout all departments.

Interested Parties External:

Direct stakeholders include but are not limited to, business owners, end user tenant agencies, security managers, facility managers, authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ), on site posted security personnel, related employees, and the general public using certain facilities.

Specific and particular interested parties relative to Isotec are the US Air Force (USAF), Homeland Security, and the Department of Energy (DOE). Isotec has been recognized as a sole source supplier of certain Access and Weapons Control entrances for the DOE and USAF.

Certain Isotec Safety Entrances® have been awarded the Certificate of Designation by the Department of and Homeland Security as qualified Anti-terrorism Technologies (QATT) as defined by the 2002 SAFETY Act. The DHS Designation set the product specification standards
for certain entrances. These specifications are deemed to be safe and effective in protecting against armed assailants. Under the Contractor’s Defense rule, the 2002 SAFETY Act provides certain liability protections, against acts of terrorism, for Isotec, end users and those involved
with the deployment of the technology.

Isotec collaborates with other OEMs that provide products used within our entrance systems. This collaboration is focused on enhancing their products in order to expand the product’s functionality and relevance within our solution’s context.

The array of companies that protect our operations and our employees, are not only vested in our financial performance, but the overall management of and well-being of our team. Our insurers conduct annual audits of Isotec’s safety records, product sales and services to ensure our employees, end users and the company are adequately protected.

Relevant Issues Internal:

Though resourceful, personnel wise, Isotec is stretched thin. A major internal weakness are the multiple Single Points of Failure throughout our organization. Investments in automation, infrastructural build out includes but is not limited to skill set expansion and capacity, made possible by ongoing increases in revenue, and by developing strategic relationships with outside partners. Risk mitigation analysis and practices, developed and driven by policies, is an ongoing pursuit.

Relevant Issues External:

Meeting evolving security needs, to counter current and evolving security threats is a mission critical constant. We view these threats as opportunities to refine our products and services, and lever from our ingenuity for our clients’ benefit. Societal acceptance of robotic like technologies utilized for their protection will drive product innovations. Isotec relies on documentation and stakeholder confirmations to address and control external issues. Key documents such as Key Dimensional Aspects (KDA) drawings and their follow on confirmation is an essential procedure that ensures the client is getting the product that meets their form, fit & function requisites. Meeting our commitments to train and provide ongoing client and technical support are made possible via our training, testing and certification programs. Though currently adequate, we need to double down on finding talented people and allocating financial resources to improve on our reach, along with enhancing the ease of access to actionable content and site utility. The commitment for post-delivery support is mission critical, as our entrance systems have Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF) rates greater than 10 – 15 years.