About Us

About Isotec & Access Control Companies

Isotec Security is the only access control company in the U.S. solely dedicated to manufacturing door access control mantraps trademarked as Safety Entrances®. 

You can trust that we are one of the top access control companies in the nation. Our process is simple yet essential to your protection. We listen first and ask a lot of questions to ensure that we understand your objectives. We then research design and engineer to your specifications a mantrap security system or safety interlock system that protects against armed threats; keeping safe your personnel and those they serve.

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We specialize in security door & access control systems that are augmented with technologies that detect, isolate, and prevent identifiable threats from entering your facility. Our engineers are well-versed systems integrators with over 30 years’ experience. This insures that our entrances interface seamlessly with legacy security, and the requisite hardware, devices, or components specified by you. 

Isotec's Mission:

Government Approved Safety & Security

On March of 2012, Isotec Safety Entrances® was designated by the Department of Homeland Security as Qualified Anti-terrorism Technologies. In fact, our solutions protect some of the most secure facilities on the planet, including military bases, law enforcement agencies, IT facilities, and critical infrastructure nationwide.  

Isotec Security maintains and supports its Multiple Award Schedule contract with the General Services Administration (GSA). In turn, our security entrance doors are available for purchase through our GSA contract..


Maintain 100% accountability to do what we say and when. Accept accountability to maintain open and direct communication channels internally and with our clients. Ensure that all actionable information is known throughout our organization. Be personally responsible for maintaining the cohesive effort required to complete our mission.