Small Business Spotlight: Isotec Security

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In the above article, Isotec Security CEO David Barnes outlines his future vision for the company and thanks the city that facilitated our growth. Isotec’s client base is incredibly diverse in terms of security needs, business types, and physical locations. Banks, schools, hospitals, jewelry stores, and government sites have all trusted Isotec’s Safety Entrances to keep their assets, information, and personnel secure from armed threats. Having our headquarters in the center of the country has been a blessing for delivering our security solutions across the nation. The units we specialize in are often custom and while we look to create more automated, streamlined solutions in the future, factoring in each location’s unique security needs will always be a priority. Our weapons detection solutions are built to last, but now that comes with a promise of quality beyond our client’s word-of-mouth recommendations. The level of high caliber engineering and manufacturing we adhere to has been officially recognized, as Isotec is proud to be one of the few Westminster businesses that have been awarded ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Thank you to the city of Westminster for your unwavering support of us here at Isotec Security. Your belief in our abilities and commitment to our growth significantly impact how we plan our future. During the challenging times of the pandemic, the financial and logistical aid we received allowed us to continue operations. We are proud to be part of the Westminster community, serving the security needs of businesses, institutions, and federal agencies nationwide. Our city’s understanding of the importance of security and trust in our capabilities means the world to us. We are truly appreciative and look forward to a continued partnership.

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