OPENGATE Granted Certification by Department of Homeland Security

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OPENGATE has been granted certification as anti-terrorism technology by the Department of Homeland Security — and here is why that is such a big deal.

Rigorous Threat Testing

DHS certification involves a thorough evaluation of a technology’s capabilities and effectiveness in countering terrorism threats. OPENGATE’s certification indicates that it has passed stringent tests, proving its reliability in detecting and preventing mass casualty events.

Trust and Credibility

DHS certification is a mark of trustworthiness in the security industry. Organizations and government agencies can have confidence in OPENGATE’s ability to address terrorism threats, knowing that it meets the high standards set by the DHS.

Increased Funding and Support

Technologies like OPENGATE, with DHS certification, are more likely to receive funding and support from government agencies and grants. This financial backing allows for ongoing research and development, ensuring that OPENGATE remains at the forefront of security technology.

Enhanced Public Safety

The DHS certification of OPENGATE reflects its commitment to safeguarding the public from terrorism threats. This commitment resonates with communities and citizens, fostering a sense of security and well-being

Streamlined Security Procurement

Government agencies and organizations seeking anti-terrorism technology often have streamlined procurement processes for DHS-certified solutions. This simplifies the acquisition of OPENGATE for those looking to bolster their security measures.

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