Mantraps vs. Vestibules

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What is the difference between Mantraps & Vestibules?

The term “mantrap” refers to interlocking doors that control access by having only one set of doors open at a time. The first set and second set of doors work together and can prevent unauthorized individuals from either entering or exiting a secure location. Because neither can be unlocked at the same time, they help prevent “tailgating” and “piggybacking” while ensuring that only authorized personnel gets through security checkpoints. The average person will often encounter some version of mantraps in airports and municipal buildings, but these have a wide array of applications. While they are much tamer than the term ‘mantrap’ may conjure up in a person’s head they are no less effective.

Mantrap Door

Office Vestibule

federal building security
Doctors Office Security Vestibule

Vestibules are an even simpler security solution. The term vestibule describes a small area that acts as a buffer zone between one area and the next and is typically used to reduce heat loss or control traffic flow. As it relates to security, vestibules are often paired with a check-in window and used to ensure individuals have the proper credentials or identification before they pass on to the next area. This kind of vestibule is commonly seen in doctors offices, with the waiting area serving as a vestibule and patients checking in with a receptionist behind a window before they gain access to the rest of the building, typically accompanied by a nurse or assistant that opens the door for them when it is time for their appointment.

Vestibules in security situations are often used interchangeably with the term mantrap, and while that is not an exact match, our standard systems are both. You may also see the titles ‘security entrance’, ‘portal’, ‘access control system’, ‘sally port’, ‘security gate’, and more used to describe in-depth systems like ours as we adhere to a large variety of industries who each use their own terms.

At Isotec Security, we have standard and custom mantrap solutions that put our years of experience designing security solutions at work for you, when you entrust us to keep your building, property, information, and staff safe. Contact us today to learn more. 

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