Synergy Tablet

Isotec’s Synergy Operating System & Tablet:

Learn About The Unsurpassed Functionality of Our New Tablets:
Isotec’s Synergy tablet offers the best of both worlds; Ethernet connectivity or wireless. The choice is yours.  The Synergy tablets now control the ladder logic that runs our Safety Entrances® and Access Control Entrances. The encrypted tablets can be Ethernet wired for highest possible security. Isotec engineers have taken our base operating system a step further and developed our Access Control Electronics (ACE) package that can repair old security vestibules as well.
Synergy IQ Features:
The standard features for our Synergy IQ electronics repair includes either the Elegant Desktop or Rugged Rover tablets (or Both!), one IP Intercom, one IP camera, voice prompts, and the requisite electronics and hardware required as determined by the operational condition of the existing vestibule.
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Synergy IQ Tablet

Synergy IQ Operating Features:

  • One or Two separate handheld tablet stations; Elegant Desktop or Rugged Rover Models
  • More intuitive operator screen than the original Synergy console
  • Windows Based App with
  • Ethernet Wired or Wireless with WPA2-PSK Encryption
  • One to Four IP HD cameras supported
    •  Simultaneous view of all four cameras on main control screen
    • Touch to view full screen, high resolution, and full rate image of any camera
    • Touch to zoom in on full screen view for more detailed observation
  • Up to three SIP Duplex Intercom remote stations in Safety Entrance®


Synergy IQ System Functionality:

Full Safety Entrance® command & control, IP cameras, and IP intercoms simultaneously visible on a high resolution 1080P color touchscreen
Multiple On Screen Indicators of system status:

  • Multicolor door state indication
  • Dynamic Occupancy symbols (to get operator attention)
  • Intercom controls intuitively displayed by their physical location on the entrance display
  • Multi-level Alarm display/controls: Emergency Egress Activated, System Override, Remote Receiver Active (by door), Exit Breach, Customer Counter triggered, Maintenance Required
  • Security monitoring: tamper detected; occupied too long, door held open
  • Lost Tablet Detection with screen alerts and alarm output

Built in Diagnostics:Access Control Electronics Tablet

  • Health Check display
  • Built-in Self-Test to identify suspect components
  • Test Mode for lock diagnostics
  • All system device statuses viewable, with text descriptions
  • System Configuration Report
  • Maintenance interval monitor and alert
  • Software Revisions
  • On screen display of service contact information

On Screen Camera display with typical options available:

  • Inspection Tray (high magnification)
  • Approach Camera (High Dynamic Range; semi-covert)
  • Height strip
  • Dome cameras (locate as required)
  • Optional Voice Prompts in entry lanes for customer direction
  • Two color LED Status Light indicators on all four doors
  • Solid State Relay magnetic locks cycle tested to 3,000,000 passages
  • Assistance Request button with flashing indicator
  • Key Switch to turn off entrance, lighted indicator
  • Optional Left Object and Anti-Tailgating sensors
  • Dual or Single Lane configurations

Maintenance Console Features:

  • Provides access to system status and statistical information, diagnostics, and setup screens
  • Can be used as wired, non-IP, Operator Console, as a backup to wireless Tablet console
  • Also viewable via a web browser on the Tablet console or any connected PC
  • Provides data for remote diagnostic option
  • Password protected access
  • Automatic reset to Logo/Blank screen for security (idle timeout)
  • System can be configured without this unit, but then a portable console must be used for changing any system parameters or viewing diagnostic and status displays. (Not recommended, as it makes servicing the system more difficult.)


Additional Information:

Isotec provides certified installers and technicians for installation and support services. The price for ACE does not include in-depth installation support or technical support services related to hardware issues. Isotec requires that only factory trained, tested & certified technicians install the ACE operating system to repair older brand named security vestibules.
Isotec’s Sophisticated Software Algorithms are based on years of experience with high-security facilities.  Custom algorithms, special features, and other sensors can be integrated on request. Isotec programmers can also re-configure the standard ACE Scenario of Operation to meet specific functionality requirements.
Depending on the security requisites and desired entrance functionality, the ACE operating system can be configured as Ethernet wired for connectivity or wireless. Either configuration is capable of remote diagnostics to reduce technician services and support cost.
To learn more about our ACE Security Operating System, and Synergy IQ call Isotec at 303.974.7699 or contact Matt Samels at today!