ELBC Technologies; a Security “No Brainer”

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If you ever saw someone sneaking into a movie through a theatre’s exit while the audience was leaving, you witnessed a crime/theft via an exit lane breach. That might not seem important; after all, it’s only a movie. Think again. More money is lost annually by movie theatres from people sneaking into movies than by all the bank robberies committed in the U.S.

Now, take the same act, but change the venue to a courthouse, a strategic site or a school; now you’re talking an intended act most likely resulting in dire consequences; hence the need for a proven Exit Lane Breach Control system, AKA ELBC.

Adopting and maintaining safety & security for exits and entrances is easier than ever because today’s technologies are more sophisticated than ever. As we become more conscientious of entrance safety and security, it’s a no brainer that we should view exits with the same rigor.

Creating a robust ELBC system requires blended expertise for configuring and programming extra special sensors for optimal performance, into an automatically controlled exit.

Why aren’t we seeing the rapid deployment of this no brainer solution to ensure the sanctity of exits? Here’s the hang-up; building codes, more specifically, the lack of understanding that in the U.S. doors are supposed to close and even open at predetermined measured speeds to meet ADA codes. Not a problem if your intent is just to detect and alarm against a breach. However, it is a challenge if you absolutely have to prevent and stop a breach.

Depending on the security requirements of a facility, an ELBC system may be required to either detect & alarm or prevent a breach. Referring to our earlier movie theatre as an example, owners may be satisfied with detecting and alarming staff of a breach, especially if the exit is monitored using smart cameras. On the other hand, someone trying to breach an exit at a military installation, airport, courthouse or school needs to be stopped, not just detected. Exit lane breaches can be automatically stopped with programmed interlocking doors that lock or open only when it is safe to do so. Again all of the above depends on the needs of the facility.

Today’s advanced standalone sensor technologies and those embedded into analytical cameras have, the ability to process data in less than the blink of an eye. The advantage of security and safety personnel is their ability to assess more data with greater detail that drives automated security countermeasures. As an example, current camera technologies can determine the direction of all persons/objects being viewed. So someone trying to breach a dedicated exit can easily be detected and automatically stopped from entering a facility or asked to leave if loitering around said exit.

Video analytics can also provide “left objects detection” (LOD); a very valuable capability for airports, schools, courthouses and detention facilities.

It is important to know that the continuing technological advancements have led to ELBC systems capable of operational autonomy with unparalleled reliability. Call us today to learn about this no brainer solution, and how it can improve the safety & security at your facility.

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