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Facial Recognition Software

The Facial Recognition genie is out of the bottle. Early adopters have accepted the fact that securing facilities and protecting people without facial recognition is much like being a one-armed boxer. We believe the tipping point for facial recognition will be here in less than 24 months, leaving security officials wondering how they ever got along without it, or why they waited so long to deploy it.

Facial recognition augmented with Artificial Intelligence (AI) will become one of the most assured ways of transforming the data all around us into a helpful tool that increases safety & security; by knowing who’s coming through that door, into the terminal, down a school hallway or entering a data center.

There’s a common misnomer about how facial recognition works. Facial recognition software DOES NOT store images. It stores vectors. Vectors are equations based on the geometry of an object. All data stored or used in electronics are machine code which is technically binary, so a stored image would also be binary.

This is an example of what a Vector may look like. 0010001100001010100010111110001100001100011101010001110010110. Can you tell if this code represents an image or is it a code used to program a PLC operating a Safety Entrance®?

Does this code, 0010001100001010100010111110001100001100011101010001110010110, divulge the image of a man, woman, child, dog, a house or a boat? Of course not, so how is it that pundits fret about ethnic, gender, or racial profiling? Our opinion is that those making such claims have an agenda outside the purview of safety & security and are making unqualified statements.

Much like metal detectors facial recognition software is objective. Both are using specific objective geometries generated by data.

Facial recognition combined with AI software leverages security personnel with an array of advantages not possible just a few years ago; thus tipping the scales in favor of those tasked with creating safer and more secure public and private work environments.

Like any data management system, facial recognition will continue to improve and perfect the ability to take the slightest bits of data possible for identification at ever increasing rates of speed; making it the ultimate eye witness. Even more so when augmented with AI.

It’s a “blue ocean” for advanced technologies augmented with AI. In coming articles we’ll examine the safety & security applications the Dynamic Duo of facial recognition and AI will offer to crime fighters, schools, businesses, retailers, courthouses, airports, strategic sites, and hospitals.

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