Concerning COVID-19

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Isotec Security, Inc. is a dedicated company with global reach. As health concerns regarding COVID-19 rise, we have taken some company-wide precautions. While there is currently no reason for concern, like our Safety Entrances, we are looking towards prevention rather than reaction. The safety of our employees, security integrators, and clients will always be the top priority.

To help keep our communities safe, we will be stopping all company mass transit travel until May 1st. This includes postponing installs and site inspections until then. Most steps in our process can be done utilizing electronic communication, and we do anticipate continuing to work through this crisis. Much of our workforce has the ability to operate remotely, keeping our process running smoothly.

Isotec has always been a company that puts quality first. With the impact of COVID-19 spreading across the globe, we recognize that this may have effects on our timelines and pricing. We pride ourselves on our safe and secure portals and related products, meaning we only use the best material. For example, our GSA standards and our principles lead us to only buy American-made aluminum. However, many of our competitors use metal processed in China. The foreign aluminum supply is most likely to be interrupted, delayed and in short supply in the upcoming months. This will lead to a higher demand for American aluminum, which may impact domestic supply chains and pricing. We will keep our partners updated on the timelines and costs as they change.

High-quality UL 752 Ballistic Glass and UL 792 tested Anti-attack Glass are the most widely used materials in our Safety Entrances and Access Control Entrances. Even though we source our glass solely from American manufacturers, an interruption in the international supply chain may also impact their availability and pricing.

We’re doing everything in our power to keep our business operating safely with minimal interruptions, and will closely monitor the situation, broadcasting new, relevant information as needed. Please contact us with any questions or concerns, we are always available to create solutions.

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