Active Shooters Are Sizing You Up

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According to a thirteen-year study by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, 77% of active shooters are planning their acts of pre-meditated murder from a minimum of 8 days up to 2 years!  They are sizing up and selecting their strike points in schools, churches, concerts, libraries, courthouses, public and private places of business. If you or your facility does not have a plan to counter this threat, the risk to your vulnerable population is extreme.  

Click here to download the 30 page FBI report.  

 “In 2017 there were 30 separate active shootings in the United States, the largest number ever recorded by the FBI during a one year period. With so many attacks occurring, it can become easy to believe that nothing can be done to stop an active shooter determined to commit violence.” Report Excerpt

We know this assumption of helplessness is invalid. The last child to die in a school fire in the US was in 1958. This amazing outcome was the result of comprehensive efforts to improve school fire safety. We believe the answer for preventing and mitigating the harm perpetrated by active shooters is everywhere around us.

Bear in mind this report does not reference the soaring rate of gun violence used in robberies.  Let’s start with minimizing vulnerability. We don’t choose when bad things happen, they choose us. However, by controlling high-risk areas, with safety entrances designed to identify threats and prevent attacks, we can protect vulnerable populations 24/7 on a whenever & wherever basis.     

There are many countermeasures to prevent active shooters from entering areas with vulnerable populations. Learning about them and assisting you or your clients is where we excel. Active shooters are out there and they’re preparing. Let us help you stop them before they start.    

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