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Empower Student Vigilance

“If You See Something, Say Something”  is the security mantra broadcast to fans attending sporting events, rock concerts and for students at schools. Schools have the ability to make it easier for everyone to see something by using the inherent resources they have on campus. Kids notice everything.  Requiring the backpacks and bags that students wear to school to be transparent sends a strong message that schools and local communities are taking every step to empower students to say something if they Read More

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The Hack & Jack

Modern-day bank robbers no longer need to enter banks for cash. Robbers have made hacking into and manually robbing ATMs a global, scalable enterprise. Foreign crooks are literally recruiting candidates and training them on how to rob hacked ATMs. We’re naming this methodology the “Hack & Jack”; whereby hackers override bank instructions, and contracted street thieves do the taking. ATM theft and fraud cost the banking industry billions of dollars annually, and guess who pays for that? US Secret Service Read More

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Facial Recognition, An Essential Layer

  Facial Recognition technologies’ rapid proliferation speaks volumes to their value and effectiveness. Schools of all grades may benefit from the technology. Atrocities in schools are so hard to prevent because they happen so infrequently, and appear to be random. However, there is data throughout any school campus, which can provide actionable information that can be used to increase safety and security in schools. Facial Recognition is one of many available technologies that can give schools the upper hand in Read More

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