4848D Access Control Entrance

4848D Access Control Entrances:

The Model 4848D Access Control Entrance by Isotec Security, Inc. provides heavy duty construction, interlock controller, and modular software to provide interlocking capabilities for virtually any application. Isotec offers remote monitoring and control through a series of Touchscreen Consoles. Isotec products can be designed and built for site-specific applications. The Synergy Console integrates entrances with disparate technologies that provide seamless access control security.
Ballistic Glass Upgrades to UL Level 1-3 provide ballistic protection from 9mm to .44 Magnum. Anti-tailgating sensors enforce single occupancy rules and passage. Intercoms are optional for two way communications over Digital 2 wire stations, Analog 4 wire stations, IP or a combination of both. Video and Related Video packages are available from a single camera and monitor to complete I/P system.
The Model 4848D Access Control Entrance structure is fabricated from 1/4” wall extruded high tensile strength aluminum tubing, providing an extremely durable platform for a number of applications. The structure is fitted with 36” x 84” narrow stile heavy-duty doors, concealed closers, and related hardware to accommodate heavy loads from a variety of ballistic composite panels up to level VIII. The standard panels, provided in this structure, are certified to meet UL 972.
At Isotec, we have more than 30 years’ experience insuring that our entrances interface seamlessly with legacy security and the requisite hardware, devices or components specified by our clients. Quite simply: Isotec’s engineers are well-versed systems integrators.
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Features of This Access Control Vestibule:

Access Control Entrance Mantrap
The 4848D Access Control Entrance door model features a heavy-duty overhead 1200lb magnetic lock and bond sensors for reliable operation. Also provided is a fail secure deadbolt lock on the high side door in case of power, control or lock failure. Each Access Control System is provided with a Programmable Logic Controller, which allows for you to program capabilities to for multiple configurations. Solid state relay circuits cycle tested to 3 million cycles ensure operational longevity.
Each door is provided with 1” diameter solid brushed stainless-steel push bar and pull handles to provide an attractive appearance to the structure. All aluminum components are finished in a durable white textured powder coat paint with UV inhibitors for external applications. Other colors are available to match site-specific requirements.
The controller and all selected devices are powered by a 24-volt 6.5amp power supply all located in a lockable, tamper-protected swing down ceiling panel also supporting interior lighting and various devices as may be required. All devices are wired to a distribution terminal block also located in the ceiling and accessed through two conduit stubs at the top of the structure. Power is routed through a 3/4” conduit stub while all external signals are routed out through a 1-1/2” stub.
Additionally, the 4848D Access Control Entrance features four status displays that work to guide the occupant through the use of the system with three long life, high intensity colored LEDs:
• ‘Red’ indicates the system is in Out of Service or that Access has been Denied,
• ‘Yellow’ indicates that the system is Busy,
• ‘Green’ indicates the system is Ready for Use. (Additional states are also available.)
An I/R presence sensor, located in the ceiling, indicates when a user has entered the system. This sensor is not affected by external changing light. This sensor, when coupled with the Isotec’s Anti-tailgating technology, provides for single occupancy monitoring of the entire structure. A push button switch provided on the interior low side door column allows the occupant to exit if an emergency occurs.
Remote Monitoring and Control a Touchscreen Operator Console is provided with each system to provide on-screen history logs, help menus, user-controlled customer counter, test mode for diagnostics, emergency countdown banner, time and date stamp on all alarms.

Additional Services Provided by Isotec Security, Inc.:

Additional options include Isotec’s Covert Concealed Camera, custom color matching, multi-view video package, Vigilant Left Objects Detection and multiple annunciator voices prompts.
Isotec provides a full array of installation and technical support services. We also offer Forward Observation Site Surveys; site-specific entrance design, engineering and software development. We also provide Installation training, operator training, technician certification programs, and 24/7 Product & Technical Support.
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Please note:The single-lane entrance’s minimum required rough opening dimensions are: a 49” width, 91” height, and 49” of depth.