Client Testimonials

The anti-terrorism/crime technology poured into our project is at work 24 hours per day, every day. The depth of system design, ease of operation, versatility, redundancy and reliability are superior. Absolutely no down time has been logged due to system or component failure in almost one year (since the system has been online and fully calibrated). Isotec Security beautifully integrated the various detection systems, sensors (occupancy, Left Object Detection, Metal Detection) and decision support software into an existing security plan encompassing armed officers, video surveillance and a card access system. The project with Isotec has tremendously enhanced our security and mitigated our vulnerabilities while allowing our security force more time to monitor their surroundings.
I would like to take a moment and compliment Isotec on the quality of your products and the attention to detail that is given to the design and installation of the controlled entrance doorway.
Isotec surveyed each location and designed a door way to fit the unique style and nature of the physical characteristics of each branch. We had positive feedback again from the the staff and the customers, once the installation was complete.