Double Lane Safety Entrances

Commercial Two Lane Safety Entrances:

Isotec’s Double Lane Safety Entrances®, with Exit Lane Breach Control (ELBC) have been designated by the Department of Homeland Security as anti-terrorism technologies. Our Commercial double lane Safety Entrances® provide a weapons control lane and a dedicated exit lane to accommodate higher throughput requirements. We ensure that Exit Lane Breach Control is built into every Safety Entrance® to stop persons from entering through the exit lane. Isotec’s interlocking doors can be built to UL® (Underwriters Laboratory) Level III ballistic standards for increased safety and security.

Isotec’s interlocking doors offer standard configurations or user-specific security and architectural options to ensure the best possible fit at a specific building. The engineered designs of our commercial single and commercial two-lane Safety Entrances®, allow for height, width, and length modifications to fit existing entrances, with form, fit, and finishes to meet architectural requirements. Click here to visit our gallery for more examples of our site-specific designs.

To improve and enhance your facility’s safety & security we utilize isolation technologies and countermeasures designed to detect and prevent guns and unauthorized persons from entering your building. No facility with an Isotec Safety Entrance® has ever suffered from an armed robbery or been breached by an armed assault.

Our Commercial two-lane Safety Entrances® can be hardwired and or connected to our Synergy wireless tablet, which is a high resolution, color, ruggedized touchscreen ruggedized tablets that have been optimized for operator control. The intuitive functionality of the Synergy console or tablet provides command & control, IP video and IP intercom to ensure full operator control.

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Features of This Safety Entrance:


Our Commercial two-lane Safety Entrances® The two-lane access control system has a host of features including High-Security Doors, UL Level I-III Ballistic Glass and frames, DHS Certified Metal Detectors, 1200lbs magnetic locks with bond sensors, mechanical deadlock packages, and extra bright LED system. These double lane safety entrances also feature solid state relay circuits that have been cycle tested to 3 million cycles to ensure operational longevity.

Additional options include Isotec’s Covert Concealed Camera, custom color matching, multi-view video package, Vigilant Left Objects Detection, Auto Attendant entrance operation, and multiple annunciator voice prompts.

Isotec provides a full array of installation and technical support services to ensure a stress-free, efficient, and quick installation process. In addition, we also offer Forward Observation Site Surveys; site-specific System Design, Engineering, and software development. We also provide various specialized pieces of training including Installation, training, operator training, technician certification programs, and 24/7 Product & Technical Support.
Please note: a double lane safety entrance’s minimum required rough opening dimensions are: a 107” width, 91” height, and 121” of depth.