Isotec Provides Access Control for US Air Force

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Isotec Security is a preferred supplier to the US Air Force, under its GSA contract (GS-07F-040BA). Isotec is delivering multiple access control systems to the Air Force this week and throughout the third quarter to help protect and keep safe personnel and the strategic assets they protect. Chief Technical Officer Paul Labarile is Isotec’s liaison to prime contractors serving government agencies. Himself a military veteran, Mr. Labarile commented that “We answer the call when asked, and that’s what the US Air Force appreciates most. It’s an honor to serve.”

“We test everything” says Production Manager Isaac Madrid while conducting mandatory assembly and Factory Acceptance Testing before the portal is delivered to the Air Force for installation. Isotec also follows our work and we’ll be on hand for installation supervision, Site Acceptance Testing, and operator training to insure the technology performs as specified.


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