Proper Cleaning of Bullet Resistant Glass

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Proper Bullet Resistant Glass Cleaning Techniques

Bullet-resistant glass is a positive investment for many, and it should always look as well as it performs. Cleaning regular glass is relatively straightforward – a bottle of your supermarket’s generic, ammonia-based glass cleaner such as Windex will do the trick. But bullet-resistant glass cleaning uses a different process, and there’s one big take-home: You should never use Windex on bullet-resistant glass. The reason is that during the manufacturing process, bullet-resistant glass develops small fractures in the material when it is cut, drilled, and polished. These fractures aren’t normally visible, but the use of Windex or similar cleaners makes the edges stand out and appear much more prominent and off-putting.

Isotec’s Bullet Resistant Doors

Dimensions and security requirements often differ, so our bullet resistant doors are manufactured to be risk appropriate to the facility being protected. Our forte is designing systems that are site-specific, meaning each one of our ballistic doors is designed to your facility’s aesthetic requirements, including the actual door sizes.

Our ballistic doors are created by using a mix of 6061 T65 high tensile strength aluminum alloy; paired alongside 1/8” aluminum tubing for UL Level I ballistic protection or ¼” thick aluminum tubing for UL Level II protection, and bullet resistant glass that holds a UL 752 classification in either a UL Level I or UL Level II glass rating.

Do’s & Don’ts

These bullet lists of bullet-resistant glass cleaning techniques can help you protect your investment and keep your glass looking clean and new for many years.


  • Dust your glass with a lint-free cloth such as a soft microfiber
  • Clean any grease or oil away with kerosene or hexane (avoid aromatic compounds)
  • Buff out small scratches by hand using a non-abrasive buffing pad
  • Polish with a commercial wax to fill small scratches and achieve a smooth surface


● Never use Windex (ever)
● Never use paper towels as small pieces can tear and get caught in the fractures
● Don’t use scouring compounds or abrasive sponges, brushes, or pads
● Don’t use alcohol, acetone, lacquer thinners, or other strong solvents

Isotec Ballistic Doors

ISOTEC is made up of an accountable, communicative, and collaborative team that is dedicated to helping you protect your investment. We specialize in ballistic doors and design site-specific systems to ensure that our products fit your building like a glove. If you have questions about our ballistic doors or bullet-resistant glass cleaning recommendations, reach out to our team and we can provide answers. Be sure to ask us about our pricing and leasing options!


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