Single Lane Access Controlled Doors Gaining Favor

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Isotec’s single lane Safety Entrances® accommodate smaller design requirements. Demand from financial institutions trending toward smaller branches and high value retail establishments with small footprints appreciate their long-term value. Single lane Safety Entrances® are bi-directional and programmed to provide entrance control or exit control. Isotec pre-programs logic controllers to determine the systems functionality; whether to operate as an entrance or an exit.

The security vestibules have walk through metal detectors to protect against armed assaults. With operational lives of more than 10 years, the capital cost for automated entrance & exit control is less than $400 per month.  

Isotec’s standard single lane Safety Entrances® meet the 2002 SAFETY Act’s ballistic and operational requirements.  The doors are designed to meet UL Level III bullet resistant requirements. Isotec engineers pre-determine operational scenarios based on clients’ requests. Presence & motion detectors determine if the system should operate as an entrance or exit. Give us a call to learn more.


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