A $70 Million Drop in the Bucket

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“The Department of Justice today announced more than $70 million in grant funding to bolster school security, educate and train students and faculty, and support law enforcement officers and first responders who arrive on the scene of a school violence incident.” – Justice News

When is $70,000,000 a drop in the bucket? When it’s a measly sum to thwart school calamities and prevent them from happening. Is $70 million the best our society can do? Granted, something is better than nothing, but not at the expense of thinking we’re adequately protecting our children, and my grandchildren.

What are our priorities? The current estimated cost for building the new football stadium for the Los Angeles Rams & Chargers is $5 Billion. We’ve got nothing against football but, WTF?

We estimate the cost for adequately protecting schools from armed assailants to be $100,000 – $150,000; more in some cases and less in most. At $150,000 per school, $5 billion would protect 33,333 schools or about 33,000,000 children. We think that would be a worthwhile investment. We know there are ample resources within this country to protect our schools. The question is whether or not we have the political will to do it. How much more motivation is required?

The most valuable foundation for safety and security starts at home. It’s every parent’s job to have situational awareness when it comes to protecting their children, their classmates and understand their attitudes towards their classmates and faculty alike. Every parent is responsible for setting the tone for their children to be positive influences in society and school.

When asked, every parent should leap at the chance to contribute to the safety and security programs at their child’s school. Schools likewise must include the whole family as part of a comprehensive strategy to reduce, if not eliminate school violence.

Step up and volunteer when called upon. Chances are you already do when it comes to supporting your child’s extracurricular activities. Parents can be that extra set of vigilant “eyes on” starting at home or at a school’s mobile security mall. We cannot think of a better example to set for children and the community than to volunteer as part of a schools’ safety program.

Chances are your city cannot afford a $5 Billion extravagance like a football stadium. But what city can afford Sandy Hook, Columbine, or Parkland?

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