Artificial Intelligence for School Security

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Isotec & All Secure Group Provide School Safety & Security Solution:

There are a number of ways to protect schools. Our view is this is that, the more you screen the more safe and secure you will be. School safety and security personnel will need to be dynamic in range of interactions and have force multiplier mobility. Isotec CEO David Barnes was recently interviewed by CBS news affiliate WKRC, where he offered suggestions for increasing safety in schools.

With those known requisites in mind, Isotec Security, working in partnership with All Secure Group has provided a solution for protecting a K-12 school which recently suffered a tragic school shooting. Isotec and All Secure Group suggested safety & security measures that ensure mass transit requirement at the peak volume periods for the beginning of the school day and when school lets out. The comprehensive solution includes Isotec Safety Entrances® at two of the school’s main entrances. The Safety Entrances® provide fully automated screening for weapons and prevent them passing through into the school.

X-ray machines at each entrance have artificial intelligence programming to automatically detect concealed weapons even when carried with other highly metallic objects such as laptop computers, tablet size computers, and cell phones. The x-ray and Safety Entrance® technology combination processes more than 700 entrants in less than 30 minutes.

The schools will be secured from within against unscreened or unauthorized entrance after the 1st period begins. Public access into either school will be through each school’s main entrance. Isotec’s automated bi-directional single lane Safety Entrance® is designed and engineered to prevent weapons from coming into the school. The single-lane Safety Entrance® has a number of sensor technologies that ensure weapons will not be brought into the school. In addition, the entrances will be bolstered with UL 752 ballistic glass. UL glass can stop bullets from 9-millimeter handguns up to high powered rifles.

The entrances and supporting technologies are designed and built to last for more than 10 years. Isotec’s approach to design and engineer for reverse compatibility ensures their longevity. Over a 10 year period, the entrances will protect more than 12,000 children against assault from deadly weapons.

All Secure Group is committed to providing top-flight installation and lifetime support services for the school.

To learn more about Isotec’s pattented mantrap, and security entrances contact us today at (720) 545-2816 or contact us at for a free estimate.

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